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Mouse in the house: signs

Mouse in the house: signs

Signs about mice lead their history from Russian folk traditions, when people lived in wooden huts. Learn how to predict the fate of the behavior of rodents and how to neutralize the bad omen of the bat.

In the old days, most of the houses were built of wood, so the mice were often settled in them and lived in the neighborhood with the owners. Often, the animals lived quite comfortably, as it was believed that according to the belief they were guarded by the Brownie himself. And if the mice started to behave arrogantly and the owners of the cat wound, then you should first ask forgiveness from Domov.

Otherwise, he tried to survive out the hunter on his pets and lime him altogether.

Sign: what appear mice in the house

One of the most common signs about mice is related to their appearance in the house. It was believed that the animals bring good luck if they came in small quantities. So, the house has its own keeper of the hearth, who settled for a long time.

The behavior of the long-tailed neighbors was observed. Especially unmarried girls. According to legend, if the rodents began to run on the floor and squeak, this meant that the groom or the matchmaker might knock on the door soon.

In the event that mice appear in the house, they build a nest and bring stocks there (bread crusts or grains) — the owners will get rich.

But the invasion of mice was perceived as a bad omen, promising unhappiness — a disease or ruin. Then the owners of the house invited the healer to expel unlisted guests, fumigated the room with a burnt horn and sprinkled the walls with holy water.

If the bat flew into the house

Unlike ordinary mice, their bat relative has always enjoyed notoriety. She was always suspected of vampirism and called the devil’s servant. If the bat flew into the house, the omen did not carry anything good. She foreshadowed the misfortunes and the likelihood of the death of one of the household.

If someone else unknowingly killed the animal, it was necessary to fear that the troubles would double. For now the devil himself will avenge his messenger.

There are a number of rites that help to neutralize the effect of omens. First of all, you need to carefully catch the animal and, without damaging it, take it out of the house. When releasing, you should utter a conspiracy: “Fly to your master and take trouble with you!” After the animal leaves, you need to scatter the conspirated Thursday salt at the door and wash every member of the family with holy water.

The people have always been attentive to everything that surrounds a person. Such observation helped to bring a chain of laws, which are called signs. May luck always accompany you and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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