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Money Tree: Signs and Superstitions

Money Tree: Signs and Superstitions

The flower of the colony is popularly called money tree. It is believed that this indoor plant attracts money and maintains financial stability. A lot of signs and superstitions are connected with this plant, thanks to which you can learn a lot about the future of your wallet and what energy is present in the house.

Signs of the money tree

  • Money tree requires unusual care. In addition to watering and processing the leaves and the soil you need to talk to him. According to the sign, if every Wednesday you report your income and expenses to the money tree, then a fat woman will help you realize all your plans and protect you from unforeseen expenses.
  • Fall leaves on the money tree — Bad sign. This means that your house has bad energy. In this case, it is recommended to move the flower to another place. Also, the fallen leaves of the money tree may mean that you are waiting for big expenses very soon. A tree drops its leaves for financial losses.
  • Money Tree Properties very diverse. It not only attracts money, but also “heals” the space around you. Take a look at the thick and juicy leaves of the money tree — they exude life and energy.

  • It is believed that coin money tree (souvenir) has the same power like a living fat man. That’s just to ensure that such a flower «worked», it also needs to be watered or moistened its leaves, coins with water.
  • To the money tree stuck in the home, need to bury in his roots three coins. So the flower will be more magnificent, and the wallet is heavier.
  • Replant money tree just needed! As it grows, it is imperative to provide this plant with a larger pot. In a small pot the flower will sink away, and your money will wither along with it.
  • If you hang banknotes on a money tree, it is important to know that they need to be removed and spent from time to time, and in their place to hang new bills. So you can run your money cycle in your home, which will allow you to spend and receive quickly.

Do not forget that money tree is a kind of indicator of your financial position. So if something is wrong with your green assistant, take all measures to save him, then there will be peace and prosperity in the house. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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