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Monetary signs: how to attract wealth

Monetary signs: how to attract wealth

In the old days they believed that if you follow certain rules of behavior, you can attract money to the house. There is a lot to take on the money, many of which are rooted in modern society. What signs many of us believe so far, and which are forgotten?

And in general, is it worth believing in popular wisdom?

What money love the bill, everyone knows that. But from this belief flows many more will take on how to count money, when and how often.

It is best to count money only in your wallet. And those savings that are in the piggy bank should not be touched, otherwise the necessary amount will never accumulate.

In the process of recalculation, all bills should be sorted by dignity and currency.

To keep wrinkled and torn money in your wallet is a bad sign. It is necessary to get rid of spoiled bills as soon as possible, otherwise they may adversely affect the inflow of monetary energy.

You cannot recalculate money after sunset, otherwise all profits will evaporate.

With the moon the people are also bound to take a lot. Our ancestors followed the lunar calendar and used it to attract money. For example, for the young month it was customary to show your money.

It was believed that if you put a coin on the rising moon, the profit will increase as the moon grows.

There is a sign that a small change in your pocket can attract larger amounts if you carry it in the period of the young moon.

So that money is not transferred, debts are always returned in a decreasing month. And borrowing was taken on the growing moon.

For successful trading female representatives always used masculine energy. To trade well, during a feast to clink glasses with a man in the last place. If the first thing to sell a man, then further trade will be successful.

Particular attention was paid to the people days of the week. On each existed their signs:

  • On Monday it was impossible to count money, and also to give or borrow.
  • On Tuesday, it was also not customary to give or borrow. It was believed that all life then will pass in debt.
  • On Wednesday, for successful financial affairs, it was necessary to put a penny under the left heel.
  • On Thursday, it was impossible to spend a lot, otherwise the money will go quickly.
  • On Friday, to attract profits, you need to recalculate all your money.
  • On Saturday, any purchase was considered successful. What was bought on this day brought benefits and joy.
  • On Sunday, it was impossible to get into debt and lend money yourself. This could attract lack of money and failure to trade.

TO found money treated with caution. Signs of money were also formed.

It was impossible to pick up a trifle on the street, especially if it is scattered at the crossroads. Such a finding could doom a person to disease and poverty.

It was impossible to raise the money found on an empty stomach. It was believed that this could lead to loss of finances and hunger.

If a large amount of money was found, then it was by no means kept for a long time. It was necessary to spend this find as soon as possible. Our ancestors were convinced that easy, easy money does not bring good luck.

Most of the folk signs would be associated with the house, since dwelling determined the welfare of man.

It was impossible to sit down and put clothes on the dinner table — it threatened with monetary setbacks.

Broom always put up a panicle. It attracted welfare and monetary energy to the house.

Not for nothing, we said in hard times that money goes like water. This saying has found a response in our time. If the house is flowing plumbing, it promises cash losses.

You can not throw anything out of the window, otherwise it will leave all the wealth from the house.

Taking out the trash from the house was considered a bad omen. It threatened with monetary losses and worthless waste.

Do the monetary signs tell the truth, or are these only prejudices of the past? Everyone decides for himself. Many who trust popular wisdom claim that old superstitions still affect the financial state. After all, signs positively adjust the person, and this may be followed by an influx of profits.

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