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Monetary signs: 15 ways to attract wealth

Monetary signs: 15 ways to attract wealth

There is a large number of folk take about money that have their own history and value.

It is proved that the belief in certain actions increases the energy of the person and his self-confidence. This means that adherence to cash signs may not help little in achieving material wealth.

It is not necessary to follow all the national regulations. It is enough to choose 1-2 signs for money and regularly use them.

Cash Signs

  1. If you cut your toenails and arms on Tuesday and Friday, you can get rid of lack of money.
  2. Keep the broom in the house always upside down.
  3. Take money with your left hand, and give it with your right hand.
  4. Always read the change before you put her wallet, because money loves the bill.
  5. Spending money on the first day of salary is impossible — otherwise the whole month will be unstable. Money to a single penny should spend the night one night in your house, and only after that they can be spent.
  6. Sew up all the holes in your pockets — money does not like torn clothes. Where the tears, there is poverty.
  7. You can not sweep the crumbs off the table with your hand — this promises financial problems.
  8. Do not give strangers bread from your home — you may lose your good fortune.
  9. Try not to take money from the hands of a stranger. For example, take the change in the store not from the seller’s hands, but from the counter.
  10. You should always have money in your wallet, even a penny. Try never to leave your wallet empty.
  11. Pay off debts in the morning.
  12. It is better to lend money than to borrow. Giving, even for a while, you attract even more monetary energy.
  13. You can not sit on the table — sign of poverty.
  14. Do not leave empty bottles and plates on the table, otherwise it will always be empty on the table.
  15. Put a coin under the tablecloth, it will keep your family well-being.

Do not forget that a miracle will not happen without your efforts. Believe in good omens and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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