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Memorial Day of St. Andrew the First Called

Memorial Day of St. Andrew the First-Called: history, customs, omens

On the feast day of St. Andrew the First-Called, I always go to church to pay my respects to this great apostle, to pray for my destiny and my loved ones. In this article I will tell about the history of the church holiday, the fate of the saint and his mission.

Who is the Apostle Andrew the First Called?

Memorial Day of St. Andrew the First-Called is celebrated on the thirteenth of December. And you need to know who this man was, what earned him a bright memory and great glory.

Memorial Day of St. Andrew the First Called

The teacher of the apostle was John the Baptist. He noticed a talented disciple and directed him to serve Jesus Christ himself. Thanks to his achievements and faithful service, Andrew was among the twelve apostles.

After the Holy Spirit appeared on the earth, all his disciples chose by their lot their further life purpose and path.

Fate prepared for St. Andrew to serve in the east, this is a modern territory stretching from Kiev to Asia Minor. The task of Andrei was to overcome this distance.

Everyone who met on his way, he had to tell about the coming of the Son of God to earth.

He fulfilled his mission with honor, completely abandoning worldly problems. He did not marry, giving himself to the service of God. His fate was unenviable — he died a painful death.

He was crucified on an X-shaped cross, like Christ. And it was Andrew himself who insisted on such a penalty — he believed he did not deserve to be crucified on the same cross as Jesus.

Even when the apostle found out about the impending death, he did not stop his service to God. He continued to bring divine truths into the world, and each person supported him.

A revolt against the execution of the apostle arose among the people, because of which the authorities decided to cancel the execution.

After this, the apostle began to pray even more fervently, turning to God with the request to take him to another world. Subsequently, he was still executed.

According to legend, during the crucifixion, Andrey’s body was pierced by a ray of bright light descending from heaven. This light was so bright that it blinded eyes and it was impossible to look at it.

Therefore, no one managed to see what was happening at that moment. On the day of Andrew the First-Called people are full of not only happiness and joy, but also mourn, mourning the fate of the great martyr.

Life after death

We can judge what happened after the execution of the saint according to biblical traditions. It is known for certain that during his earthly existence he accomplished many good deeds, had the gift of healing.

By healing people, he saved lives, so there was no doubt that he was acting through the hands of the Lord himself. Everyone believed in the holiness, authenticity, and unshakable righteousness of the First Called Andrew.

Memorial Day of St. Andrew the First Called

After his tragic death, the rulers of several states united in the opinion that reverence should be given to the great martyr. They constituted an act in which the merits of the saint and his patronage are noted.

In Russia, the image of the saint is most revered, his cross is even depicted on the maritime flags. Therefore, the saint is considered the patron saint and protector of sailors who serve the good of the fatherland and their country.

Why the day of St. Andrew the First-Called is celebrated exactly on December 13, it is not known for certain.

Signs of the holiday

For the Russian people, especially for believers, December 13 is a holy feast. This is a special day, whose history has many signs and customs.

Christians believe that the “real” winter begins precisely after this holy day.

Memorial Day of St. Andrew the First Called

What other folk beliefs are there:

  1. On the day of Andrew the First-Called, you can go to any river, lake or sea. We need to listen to the sounds of the reservoir. Thanks to this, it is possible to predict the weather for the whole coming winter.
  2. If the sound of water is clearly heard through the ice, if the current is restless, then the winter will be frosty and windy. The time of blizzards will come.
  3. If the reservoir is calm, then the winter will be very warm, calm and calm. You should not expect surprises from the weather in this case.
  4. If snow fell on December 13, it will lie on the ground until spring.
  5. And the clear weather with an icy frost means that in the winter months one should not wait for troubles and misfortunes. Life will be full of joys and abundance.
  6. Warm Andreev day — a bad omen. This is a sign of impending disaster, for which you need to be well prepared to meet the unpleasant gifts of fate fully armed.

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Folk rites

Like any other church holiday, the day of St. Andrew the First-Called has its rites that our ancestors performed.

Here are some of them:

  1. According to ancient legends, the saint rendered his protection to wild animals. Therefore, each mistress cooked treats for animals, carried him to the field and scattered around the ground. Also the dish was placed in chimneys. This action meant that the next harvest and home would be weatherproof in spring and animal attacks.
  2. This day is considered favorable for any activities related to needlework. Mistresses sewed, knitted, embroidered, darned. According to ancient legends, this occupation protected women from encounters with wild animals.
  3. Rural girls girlfriends gathered in the same house and arranged divination for the betrothed. Married women guessed with the goal of predicting the future and knowing their fate.
  4. For a good harvest in the coming year it was necessary to arrange a festive feast, to lay a rich table and regale the whole family with excellent dishes.
  5. Also at the same table going to the girls on the issue and single guys. They put some of their small things in a huge bowl. Then it was covered with a piece of cloth, and each took turns taking out any object. If the thing was returned to the owner, his secret dream quickly came true. And the one who got the thing belonging to a man of the opposite sex was predicted to have a quick wedding.

In addition to performing all the rituals, people congratulated and thanked each other, radiated sincere and positive emotions, than purifying their hearts and minds from negative things.

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