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Maundy Thursday April 5th: traditions, customs and omens

Pure Thursday of April 5 of the year: traditions, customs and omens

Pure Thursday is one of the most important days of Holy Week. Many traditions, customs and signs are associated with it, which every Orthodox believer should know about in order to spend this day correctly.

During the Passion Week, believers remember the last days of Jesus Christ, the torments that he had to endure, and the miraculous resurrection. On Good Thursday we have to remember one of the most important events that occurred during the existence of Christianity. It was on this day that the Last Supper took place, during which Jesus Christ washed the feet of his disciples.

This is one of the reasons why Thursday of Holy Week is called «Clean.»

For Orthodox believers, Pure Thursday is a symbol of physical and spiritual cleansing. By this time, the cleaning and all the heavy chores should be completed. On April 5, you should visit the temple, pray more often, and begin cooking Easter dishes.

To spend this day correctly, learn about its basic traditions, customs and signs.

Traditions and customs of Pure Thursday

According to one tradition, on Pure Thursday one should get up before the rising of the Sun. Start the day with body cleansing. For this you need to take a bath or visit the bath.

It is believed that at this time the water is endowed with miraculous and healing properties, so that you can protect yourself or get rid of any diseases and ailments. During water treatments, you should only think about the good, so that the water materializes your thoughts. It is not recommended to be engaged in clarification in a bad mood.

Having completed the body cleansing, you can proceed to the spiritual. To do this, immediately after the water procedures, go to the temple to take communion and confess. On Maundy Thursday the sacrament rite has a special power.

According to the clergy, on this day a person can atone for sins, but only if his words and desire are sincere.

Haircut on Pure Thursday — an old custom. Our ancestors believed that if you cut the hair on this very day, you can get rid of evil, disease, evil eye and even damage with it. It is not necessary to drastically change your hairstyle and cut off too much hair.

Folk signs say that special attention should be paid to the tips, as they accumulate the main negative and negative energy.

Cleaning Thursday Thursday is not just a necessity, but an essential rite. It should be without pity to get rid of old things, damaged household appliances and clothing. Particular attention should be paid to dust in the corners, on the furniture, on the frames and small statues.

If possible, you can wash the windows and doors, since it is in these places that most of the negative energy accumulates. Having got rid of objects blocking the energy of your home, you can easily attract wealth and well-being. Going to throw garbage, imagine how with it you get rid of their problems and troubles.

Cooking Easter meals is the most enjoyable tradition of Pure Thursday. On this day, all family members gather together, bake cakes and paint eggs. It is forbidden to engage in cooking in a bad mood.

On this day a kind and harmonious atmosphere should reign in the house. Before you start cooking, pray to the Lord God, and then treats will be not only tasty, but also energy-friendly.

In addition to the Easter dishes, Thursday Thursday is the time to cook salt. To do this, it is quenched in a frying pan, and then wrapped in a bag. Keep it necessary all year. It is believed that, thanks to amazing properties, it is able to protect the household from disease and spoilage.

It can also be used as a flavor enhancer for Easter treats.

In ancient times, Pure Thursday was the most favorable day for brewing. It was believed that beer that day turns out not only tastier, but also has useful properties. At Easter, the drink was served on a festive table and even presented to its guests as a gift.

Signs for Pure Thursday

To get rid of diseases and illnesses, on Pure Thursday you need to have time to wash up before the sun rises. It is believed that at this time the water has strong healing properties.

Popular wisdom says that cleaning on Maundy Thursday will help you to get rid of not only dirt, but also of unclean forces. To do this, start it from the farthest room, completing with windows and the front door.

In order for the whole year to have a wealth in the house, be sure to count the money on Pure Thursday. Ask your loved ones to do the same. After that, you can sprinkle some Thursday salt in your wallet to protect yourself from thieves and monetary losses.

On Maundy Thursday, many signs are connected with beauty and personal happiness. That day young unmarried girls washed with melt water and wiped with a towel, which they then buried in the yard of the house where the lone young man lived. To become more attractive, women washed water, infused with silver.

It was believed that this metal is able to enhance the properties of water.

Another of the people will take on Pure Thursday promises to the representatives of the fair sex a speedy marriage. If in the morning a girl looks out the window and sees a young guy there, it means that soon she will be called to marry.

On Pure Thursday it is not recommended to borrow and lend money. Together with them, you risk giving away your happiness or taking away the problems of those from whom you borrow.

At all times, people were worried about problems with money and an unstable financial situation. According to the sign, to get rid of financial difficulties, on Maundy Thursday you need to move all things in the house from one place to another.

If there is a seriously ill person in the house, it is necessary to bring a church candle from the church and place it at the head of its bed.

The main and unchanging tradition of the Easter Week is the observance of strict fasting. During Passion Week, believers should take into account all prohibitions and restrictions, so you should plan your menu in advance and find out what you can eat before Easter, and which products should be completely abandoned. May harmony and tranquility reign in your home, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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