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Matchmaking in our days — what are the traditions and customs

Matchmaking in our day — are customs and traditions observed?

Nowadays, matchmaking is still encountered, traditions and customs will be discussed in the article. Nowadays matchmaking is a fun event, not like our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers had. According to tradition, the bridegroom comes to the parents of his chosen one on a planned day in a beautiful dress.

He comes not with empty hands, but with flowers for the bride and for the future mother-in-law.

In essence, matchmaking is an action when the groom, alone or with her parents, receives permission from the bride’s parents to legally join their two families. However, this is not just a part of the marriage, but an independent ceremony, a fun holiday with a lot of features.

Matchmaking in our days - what are the traditions and customs

Matchmaking Features

In order to ask your girlfriend to get married, it is not necessary to choose a separate day. It will be appropriate at any family celebration, where there will be a homely, cozy, but at the same time festive atmosphere.

A young man can come to be married, alone, with his parents or even with close friends. With a positive decision, the parents of the bride bless the young.

If the parents of the young man did not participate in the matchmaking, then after the young come to their home. The bride can bring some gift or flowers for the future mother-in-law.

At the present time of technological progress, matchmaking can be arranged, even if the parents of the bride and groom live far away. Young people can solve all these issues by phone or video.

The ceremony is designed to establish trust relationships between families, which in the near future will become one family. After a successful matchmaking, families discuss all issues related to the wedding:

  • Date and place of marriage
  • Banquet menu and number of guests
  • Financial questions.

Previously, all financial issues were resolved by the groom’s family. Now this issue is decided by the families in their own way, who pays for what and how much. Often the young themselves pay all wedding expenses.

Matchmaking itself used to require from parents almost the same costs as the wedding itself. The current young people are not particularly spent on the matchmaking, because the wedding itself will be a lot of cash costs.

The tradition of matchmaking in our time

Nowadays, not all young people who want to become a family perform the ritual of matchmaking. Therefore, it is very different from how it was a few centuries ago. Then it looked like this:

  • Mother of the bride was preparing a bench hammer, festive dishes on the table, treats
  • During the ceremony, the bride had to sit with her back to the guests and collect ashes by the oven, while the parents agreed on everything.

Matchmaking in our days - what are the traditions and customs

Today, these traditions, of course, are not respected, everything is very simple and without much preparation, especially if the groom has decided to marry during a family holiday. He is obliged to come with two bouquets of flowers:

  1. Gentle and cute for the bride — as a sign of love
  2. Beautiful for mother-in-law — in deference.

Modern people have matchmaking more practical tradition than the rite. Having received a preliminary «Yes!» Of her darling, she goes to ask for the blessings of her parents. The bride sets a time to meet her parents and prepares them for the event.

A young man should look «spick and span», especially if he goes to his parents’ house for the first time, because, as they say, they meet him in clothes.

The bride presents the chosen one to the parents, and then the father is presented to him first, then the mother. The first word takes the groom in order to talk about the seriousness of intentions and their feelings. He must show himself in the best light and convince the girl’s parents that he is the most worthy candidate and will do everything to make their daughter the happiest.

Then the parents render their verdict: do they agree or not. In agreement, they put their daughter’s hand in the groom’s hand.

Having discussed all the issues, young people with peace of mind can go to the registry offices and write an application for marriage.

Matchmaking in our days - what are the traditions and customs

Afterwards, a meeting is surely organized by both families, where the forthcoming significant solemn event is discussed in more detail.

Matchmaking in our time is not often held, but, nevertheless, it is an important part in combining two loving hearts and their two friendly families. We wish you a happy family life!

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