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Marks for March

Marks for March

Our ancestors have long noticed that nature gives us clues for the future. Passing from mouth to mouth, they help to predict the weather and become popular signs.

Will take about March preserved much. After all, many rituals, traditions and beliefs were associated with this month in the nation. In people’s memory, it is still associated with renewal: a new year began in March, and this was connected with the awakening of nature after winter.

Therefore, the majority will take March timed to the field work.

On the first days of spring, they judged earlier what kind of weather will stay in the coming month and what summer will come out. The signs also made it possible to determine the auspiciousness and duration of spring for the harvest in the coming year and determined the beginning of the first
preparations in the garden.

The folk signs of the month of March are still relevant today,. Here are the most accurate ones:

  • the length of the icicles on the lids indicate a long spring;
  • rare March frosts promise high summer yields;
  • frequent fogs promise rainy summer;
  • lightning without thunder — to the dry summer season, and thunder — to the cold;
  • when all the snow melts in March, April is green;
  • cold and dry March — to a good harvest.

Signs of March on the weather

This March, already from the 1st day, you can make your first personal observations about the weather in the future. It is only important to recall the popular wisdom in the relevant days of March.

  • if March 1 is a warm and sunny day, this will be the whole spring;
  • March 1 wind speaks about summer: cold — to cold summer, warm — to warm.

Retained for us the people’s memory and signs of other days. Observe nature in March, and you will not need forecasters.

  • if on March 13 the snow melted away from the trees and its edges are steep, then spring will come quickly, and if the edges are even, the spring will be long and long;
  • March 18 predict summer hail: if the day is clear, then hail can not be afraid;
  • if on March 22 if the day is warm, then the same favorable weather will be in the next 40 days, and vice versa, a cold day promises bad weather;
  • On the birds that arrived on March 22, they predict whether the real spring will come soon. Larks and starlings — to heat, and finches and gulls — to the cold.

if on March 30, if the snow began to melt from the north side of the anthill, the summer is expected to be warm and long, from the south — to short and cold.

Signs of March for the harvest of the year

The signs of March help not only to predict the weather for summer or autumn, but also to draw conclusions about the future harvest. After all, if the year turns out to be poor, you can not pin hopes on the beds and devote more time to eye-pleasing flowers.

  • Snow on March 1 — to the productive autumn;
  • March 9 — Ivanov day. If it snows, it will remain in April, and if it does, it won’t be in the next month either;
  • March 14 — Evdokia, Avdotya-plyuschikha. Snow on this day promises a rich harvest, and the weather on this day determines what the summer will be like.
  • March 15 — Fedot Vetronos. Bad for the harvest omen — snow and wind
  • March 17 — Gerasim Grachevnik. If on this day the rooks arrived, then in a month the snow will completely melt.
  • March 18 — Konon Ogorodnik; You can dig beds, soak tomato seeds and cabbage for sowing in greenhouses or greenhouses.

March is in many ways the decisive month of spring. The way this March will turn out will tell you what to expect from the spring of the year. May this month bring you as many auspicious days as possible, success to you, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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