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Luck of luck: the swallow has built a nest under the roof

What signs should be remembered if the swallow has built a nest in the house or under the roof

If the swallows make their nests under our roof, this is lucky. In different traditions, swallows are represented as representatives of all the best, and carriers of evil forces. For example, in Irish superstitions, swallows are servants of elves who kidnap children.

Of course, the signs associated with the swallow in this case are devoid of cheerfulness, which is characteristic of the signs of the northern peoples.

But in one the signs converge — the swallows would never have started to build a nest in a bad place, next to bad people. In exchange for protection and shelter, they offer good luck, ease in affairs, happiness. But do not relax.

According to many signs, they just put down their vigilance in order to spot and kidnap your main treasure — beautiful children born in love, prosperity and joy. For the Slavic peoples and for Greece, swallows are sacred birds, bringing spring, joy and good luck.

Luck of luck: the swallow has built a nest under the roof

The main signs

  • Swallows have chosen a place near the window for the nest — you are fine, luck will accompany you absolutely in all undertakings. For girls, this sign is considered to be the herald of a quick happy marriage.
  • The nest on the outbuildings, in the garage — success in business.
  • Destroy the nest — to the trouble. If the chicks are in the nest — you can expect serious problems for the whole family.
  • To drive away or scare away birds — voluntarily give up your own luck.
  • If the birds have left an unfinished nest — a reason to be careful and cautious. Perhaps the trouble is approaching. But it is more likely that the chicks are already bred and flew away.
  • Germanic people believed that if a person with bad intentions entered the house, the birds would make a fuss. Omens say that a bad person has a headache from the screams of birds.
  • In some cases, the birds enter the house and begin to build a nest right in the house. If possible, do not disturb them, especially if the construction has already been completed. Birds are loyal enough to people and calmly belong to the neighborhood. You will be able to observe the process of feeding chicks and, at the same time, get rid of insects and pests. It is useless to feed the birds — they feed on live insects and catch them in fantastic quantities. If the bird has built a nest in the room — do not chase it, according to signs, you can incur troubles.
  • Swallows make a nest — to happy changes in life. If there was a difficult period — it will end.
  • According to some signs, the nests protect the home from lightning, fire, and destruction.

Is it possible to lure good luck

  • Swallows — migratory birds, they arrive in the midst of spring, when it is already warm, the grass is blooming and the midges fly. Fast and fast-moving birds catch insects on the fly, they have sharp eyesight and excellent coordination. If birds begin to curl around the house, it is likely that they are looking for a suitable place for breeding.
  • Joyful shouts and greetings, colorful ribbons, bells, with which many meet migratory birds, can scare away birds and make them choose another place for nesting.
  • It is believed that the most attractive houses for building a nest are neat and clean. The Germans believe that the nest of the swallow under the roof is the best proof of the integrity and diligence of the family.
  • If the birds left their homes for no explicable reason, it may be a sign that something bad might happen. According to some signs, it would also be nice for people to leave their home for a couple of weeks, firmly locking the bolts, checking the wiring and following other precautions.
  • To return a fallen chick to the nest is a good deed.

What to do with the left nest

The birds living in the middle lane build nests from clay, feathers, improvised materials — hay, straw, thin branches. From the inside, the space is usually lined with soft and soft down. If you have heard about the “swallow’s nest” delicacy, then this is not at all about that.

The nests of our swallows are inedible. But in China, in one of the provinces, there is a species of swallows, using exclusively saliva to build a nest. Here are their nests and get brave climbers, boil skillful Chinese chefs and this delicacy is considered to restore health, male potency, returning youth.

The taste is pretty bland, you won’t get the pleasure of eating.

Abandoned nest can be removed after the birds fly away. You can leave, it is likely that the birds will want to settle in the old place. In some villages, it is common to use clay from nests for various therapeutic purposes — for poultices, compresses, in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.

Sometimes the nests are crushed and added to food or drink to the patient. But ordinary clay from the river bank is no worse.

According to the main signs, it is better not to touch the finished bird’s house even after it was left by its residents.

A stone from an abandoned nest, if carried with you, will bring good luck.

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