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Linen wedding: traditions, signs and rites for a happy family life

Linen wedding: traditions, signs and rites for a happy family life

Linen wedding symbolizes four years of married life and has its own characteristics. The tradition of celebrating the fourth anniversary dates back to ancient times and has a special meaning.

Linen date is named because of the material, which has beauty and durability, symbols of happy years, spent by spouses together in love and care for each other. 4 years is a peculiar milestone when a couple goes into the category of mature relationships, improves their position in society, and strives to firmly get on their feet. The second name of the anniversary of married life — rope, because of the strong relationship and twisted together the fate of the newlyweds.

Signs and traditions of linen wedding

In preparation for the next anniversary of living together, the wives sew husbands shirt and pants from linen fabric, while not taking the measurements from his beloved. If the suit came up, it means that the spouses will have a happy life, filled with love and mutual understanding.

On the wedding anniversary, according to tradition, the spouse bought or personally sewed a sheet of linen, embroidering it with patterns.

Festive table and bedroom of spouses must be decorated with paired figures depicting a man and a woman. Best of all, if the spouses make the dolls and present each other with traditional bows and declarations of love and devotion.

For a strong relationship and a happy future, dishes prepared with flaxseed should be on the table. They symbolize fertility and attract a quick addition to the life of the young. If in four years the couple has not acquired children, but already begins to plan the birth of the first child, these dishes are eaten first.

The anniversary is celebrated in a narrow family circle, and meals are prepared by the hostess, who shows the relatives how they treat their dear spouse and what they learned during the joint years of life.

Flax Wedding Gifts

Traditional gifts — clothing and household items made from linen fabric. Products made of wicker material — boxes, furniture, vases or just souvenirs, which guests present at the festive table.

In antiquity, on the fourth anniversary of the wedding, the father gave his married daughter a wrought trunk, a symbol of wealth and well-being of the family. In the conditions of the modern world, a chest can be replaced with a cupboard, chest of drawers or a beautiful casket for storing family jewels.

Due to the fact that this anniversary is often called the wax one, you can give young people decorative candles and original candlesticks, selected for the interior of the house or apartment of the spouses.

Rites for family happiness

At the end of the celebration, the guests perform a ceremony designed to open the way for abundance and prosperity to the newlyweds. They are showered with flaxseed with the wishes of speedy replenishment in the family, wealth, happiness and understanding.

Parents of spouses entangle anniversaries with flaxen threads so that the couple can be strong and survive all adversities, staying together and supporting each other throughout their lives. These ropes are tied up by a spouse into one strong thread, and then coiled up. It becomes a talisman for the family and is stored in a secluded place.

With it, our ancestors drove away evil spirits and protected their homes from envious and detractors.

Each anniversary spent together is a reason for joy. Remember that family relationships are based on mutual feelings and require feedback on both sides. We wish you happiness and long years of love, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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