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Lightning: signs and beliefs

Lightning: signs and beliefs

Lightning is still one of the most mysterious phenomena of nature. In the old days it was believed that the storm was God’s punishment, and lightning was the main helper in the matter of judgment. It was believed that if lightning killed a woman, then she was a terrible sinner, and if the discharge hit a man, he was righteous, and God himself called him to his service.

In most cases, a lightning strike is fatal to the human body. But the true stories are known, the narrators of which survived after the kiss of the lightning, and more than once. Lightning has left marks and memorable signs on the body to its elects. Someone received a «gift» pattern on the skin in the form of a tree with spreading branches or a bird feather.

Someone as a souvenir left pictures of crosses and bracelets, which the charge burned to the ground. One man had melted the coins in his pockets and the pants on his pants, while the other had his shoes churned. There is a case in which a lightning strike returned potency to a man.

The fact that people, through whose body passed the strongest discharge, acquire supernatural abilities, the gift of clairvoyance and treatment, is legendary.

Signs of a thunderstorm

Curious signs are connected with the fascinating phenomenon of nature.

  • If during a thunderstorm, lightning struck an object, it was believed that he or she was in that moment at the moment.
  • If the object struck by lightning burned and ashes remained in its place, then they believed that the devil was killed by the “hand of God”. Therefore, at home, which fell lightning, did not hurry to extinguish. Yes, and extinguish the fire, taking up the hand of God, according to legends, it was possible only with milk.
  • If the object remained smoldering or extinguished, it was thought that the demon had managed to escape or was injured. Under this condition, they were afraid of the subsequent strike of lightning, because she would certainly have to catch up and hit the evil force.
  • During the extinguishing of a fire from a lightning, a bad sign was a cry, lightning could pursue and avenge disobedience.
  • Also, one of the options for hitting a lightning in a man was that, fearing God’s punishment, demons hide behind people, and sometimes move into them.
  • It was believed that in the midst of a thunderstorm it was impossible to walk with her hair loose and in a short dress, they also tried to put everything off for later.
  • Walking or riding in the middle of the road in a thunderstorm was a great sin, and hiding under a lonely tree was folly.

How to protect yourself from lightning and its effects

To warn ourselves against God’s wrath, our ancestors used various means. They said that a black animal — a cat, a cow or a rooster save their energy owners. So that the lightning does not strike the building, in the cracks under the roof, window openings or platbands stuck birch twigs, consecrated in the Trinity Day.

And also tried to keep thoughts and thoughts clean.

Be attentive to natural phenomena and to the signs associated with them. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and do not forget to press buttons and

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