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Leather wedding: traditions, signs and ceremonies for family happiness

Leather wedding: traditions, signs and ceremonies for family happiness

The third anniversary of married life is the next stage on which the newlyweds enter. This event is celebrated in close circle of family and friends and is associated with many rites and superstitions.

Leather wedding is so named because of the strength of the relationship. The three-year anniversary of married life is already a more serious date, symbolizing the long way that the couple went hand in hand. This date is named leather and because the spouses have learned to understand each other and literally feel the skin, responding to the requests and wishes of the partner with a half-word and glance.

Signs and traditions of the leather wedding

One tradition says that spouses should, before the third anniversary, pay off all debts, forgive their offenders and save their dwelling from unnecessary things. Thus, they will attract good luck, well-being and prosperity into their lives.

On the day of the holiday it is worthwhile to treat guests with meat with red wine. This tradition is known since ancient times and promises a hospitable family a comfortable existence and a house-full bowl.

To strengthen relationships and achieve complete understanding, young people dress in leather clothes or use accessories from this material.

Spouse before the celebration of the anniversary of the wedding bakes animal figures. On the day of the celebration she treats their guests with them. This sign brought our ancestors happiness in the house and good attitude of relatives from the husband.

In order to get rid of the misfortunes of their lives, spouses beat dishes. According to legend, the noise drives away from the family of evil spirits and prevents them from settling in the house.

On the holiday table, a rye loaf is surely put, from which the couple break off a piece and eat in front of the audience. Then they bow low to their parents and thank them for the help, care and support of the young family. After the celebration, the guests sprinkle the spouses with rye grains and wish all the blessings, soon to be added to the family.

Another symbol of a leather wedding is the red apple. It can be used instead of loaf. Young red apples are sent to sick relatives, so that they rather recover.

Gifts for leather wedding

On this day, gifts can serve as any leather goods: wallets, belts, clothes, shoes, bags or backpacks, souvenirs. A husband on this day can present a bouquet of wild flowers tied with leather braid to his half. A spouse can sew a leather charm with her own hands and fill it with herbs that protect against trouble, evil eye and damage.

Usually, relatives of the wife give the spouse leather shoes so that he does not wash his legs, feeding the family. Relatives of her husband are presenting a young wallet so that she would keep an eye on the family budget and save money. A cash gift is placed in the wallet, some of which must be donated to the spouses for charity.

Rites for family happiness

Rain or overcast weather on the day of the celebration promise a young family trouble and trouble. To avoid negatives, the couple leave the house in the morning, face the front door and throw handfuls of rye grains through the back with the words:

«Birds of grain will switch, the troubles and sorrows from us on the wings of the seven seas will be carried away.»

The rite, which is conducted by the next of kin of a young family, will help to avoid trouble Spouses put on two chairs with their backs to each other, and their parents tightly wrapped a pair of linen thread, saying:

“The parental umbilical cord does not break, the genus continues. The older generation helps the younger, marital happiness protects. The linen thread is strong, the life of the matrimonial is sweet. ”

At the celebration of the anniversary, the presence of witnesses is desirable, which also help the spouses to maintain mutual understanding and continue the joint path to success and prosperity together. To do this, witnesses acquire wreaths of field or artificial flowers, hold over the heads of a young family and utter words of praise and wishes.

It is sometimes difficult to save a married life, because relationships are held not only on mutual feelings, but also on respect and trust. In order for life to be smooth, the spouses should visit the temple or church every year to confess and ask the Higher Forces of family well-being. We wish you love and happiness, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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