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Lavender wedding: traditions, signs and rites for a happy family life

Lavender wedding: traditions, signs and rites for a happy family life

Forty-six years after marriage, a lavender wedding is celebrated. At this age, true affection, mutual understanding and love remain between spouses.

Lavender, this anniversary is called for a reason. It is the incense from this delicate plant that is considered one of the most expensive and valuable. So the joint life of the spouses to this date acquires nobility and refinement.

Gentle lavender flowers are full of calm and possess an attractive property that evokes pleasant memories and positive emotions in people.

Lavender Wedding Traditions

Traditionally, spouses in the warm season planted lavender seedlings near the house. She is able to strengthen relationships and soften the evil hearts of envious and detractors. This plant is the key to undying feelings and tenderness.

Usually the celebration is prepared by the children of the spouses. They take into account the wishes of their parents, decorate the room in lavender tones and organize a quiet family lunch or dinner.

Traditional treats on the table are dishes prepared according to family recipes. Culinary delights prepared by the spouses are especially valuable, because they contain all the care and affection.

What to give to a lavender wedding

As a gift to the spouses on this day, you can choose not expensive items, but things that will cause pleasant emotions for the heroes of the day, bring them back to the past and bring real pleasure.

Children can present an album with rare family photos, wishes and words of gratitude for a happy childhood to their parents.

The choice of gifts is great, but especially valuable gifts, echoing in color with this anniversary. It can be household accessories, pictures, figurines, culinary masterpieces.

The husband can give his wife a lavender perfume, and the wife, in turn, can present a beautiful cigarette case or a shirt made of natural silk to his beloved.

Children can organize a trip to the cinema or theater for their parents, give them a joint trip to the places where the couple wanted to get out.

Rite of passage on family happiness

The traditional ceremony on this anniversary since ancient times was the washing of the feet. Spouses alternately wash each other’s feet as a sign of true love. After this ceremony, the spouses must be left alone and talk heart to heart.

Another rite, which allows the spouses to once again prove love for each other, is associated with cleansing fire. A couple must make a fire, write notes in which to list their grievances to each other, and then burn them. Thus, the couple turns the next page of life, leaving behind the adversity and negative emotions.

Love is like an exquisite drink, which over time becomes more attractive and opens up new facets of taste. We wish you long happy years of life, mutual understanding and trust, and do not forget to press buttons and

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