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Keep a veil — bad or good luck and how to get rid of veils without consequences

Signs of a wedding veil, good or bad sign — store veil

According to Christian beliefs, the bride should keep the veil after the wedding throughout her life as a sign of complete submission to her husband, integrity and initial innocence. Let us try to figure out whether to keep the veil — is it a bad omen.

Recently, many women have doubts about the submission of marriage. It is really strange to obey only for the reason that someone is born a girl or a boy.

But if you follow one of the patriarchal religions, you can keep the veil as a sign of the sanctity of marriage.

Keep a veil - bad or good luck and how to get rid of veils without consequences

Why keep a veil — a bad omen

The bad news is that during long-term storage, snow-white fabric inevitably turns yellow, turns gray, and is covered with dust. Agree, it would be strange to periodically wash and bleach your veil in which you once got married for a long family life.

Over time, even the most careful dry cleaning will lead to damage to the veil, especially decorative items, beads, flowers, and embroidery. If you are anxious about marriage — the sight of a faded veil will inevitably cause disappointment, depression — it is difficult not to see this unpleasant hint.

No one gets younger or fresher with time, the fabric decays.

According to the signs, the fabric turns yellow or gray as a result of the betrayal of the spouse. But in fact, any fabric loses its whiteness during long storage.

Why do you need extra doubts?

In any case, the storage of the veil will cause ambiguous emotions. If you have your own home, you can act like a Victorian bride — tell the servants to remove the wedding dress and never remember it again, let it gather dust somewhere in a long dressing room, which your children or grandchildren then stumble upon.

In your memory, the veil will remain a lovely white train that enveloped your girl’s head on the happiest and happiest day.

In the modern world, when a young family often changes housing, rents an apartment, when compactness of luggage is one of the important factors of comfort, careful preservation of the veil and transportation of a wedding dress will require too much trouble, will cause irritation. Nothing terrible will happen if you forget your wedding at the next move.

How to forget a wedding dress

Wearing someone else’s wedding dress is not good. If someone uses your veil, even as a joke, it can badly affect your life.

To safely part with the veil and dress, you can perform an uncomplicated ritual:

  1. You will need nail clippers, a candle and a lighter. On the growing moon, in the dark and, preferably, alone, you need to carefully unscrew the item with which you plan to seam out.
  2. Use small scissors to cut the seam. Thus, you break the magical connection with the subject. Small scissors are needed precisely to ensure that the item does not lose value.
  3. After performing this simple action. You can do with the former wedding accessories all that you want — to sell, donate, forget in the closet when moving.
  4. On the incision can drip wax — to secure the action. After the ritual, the dress is considered fully used, having no mystical properties. Just a lush white dress and a pretty cape on the head.

Why do we need a veil?

  • According to traditions, the veil was supposed to protect others from the dazzling beauty of the bride, so that no one fell in love with the beauty and did not suffer, because the girl is getting married and will not be able to reciprocate. In any case, these are unnecessary problems that nobody needs.
  • The groom opens the face of the bride directly in front of the altar, in a sign that all this beauty now belongs only to him.
  • According to signs, the veil is also a protective amulet, closing it from envy.
  • White veil — a sign of virginity of the bride. According to some traditions, the groom does not throw back the veil, but tears it up. Action evokes unambiguous associations.


There are many cultural traditions. In some, pregnancy is the best sign of a happy marriage. For example, in Orthodox Greece, a bride proudly displays a rounded tummy.

Veil — a sign of innocence, you can replace the wreath — a sign of fertility. Unlike the veil, the wreath has a practical application — it is a powerful amulet that can be hung on the bedroom door or on the front door of the house. As it deteriorates, the wreath can be replaced with a fresh one.

The main thing is to make it with your own hands, with love and care.

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