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June 13: signs of today

June 13: the signs of today

Every day of the national calendar has either its own holiday or special signs. Do not miss the most important things for this day and positive signs that will indicate the upcoming events.

In the national calendar on June 13 is called the erimey-razryagalnik. This is due to the fact that the peasants finished sowing and harnessed the horses, who were given time to rest before new works. It was accepted on this day to plant beans.

According to the gardener’s lunar calendar, now is a truly favorable time for this.

Who celebrates the name on this day: Boris, Nikolay, Roman, Philip, Ermey, Kristina.

Holidays today is June 13

Christian: Orthodox today honor the memory of the Holy Martyr Yermey, the apostle from 70. The day of St. Atonius is celebrated in Catholicism.

Secular: Since June 12 is an official day off in connection with the holiday of the Day of Russia, it is postponed to the next day, from Sunday to Monday. That is, this work week will be abbreviated.

In Australia, the queen’s birthday is celebrated on this day — the traditional official holiday of the monarch, which rarely coincides with the present birthday of the ruler.

Signs today, June 13

  • If there are many gadflies on this day and they bite very painfully, it portends rain;

Astrology: forecast for June 13

General characteristics of the day: the eighth lunar day will come, the moon will be in the growth phase. In its position, it will be in the constellation of Libra. It is extremely important to give your business the right momentum and development so that they lead you to a positive result.

Relationship June 13: Pay attention and care to your family and especially to your mother. If you have children, try to find a common wave of communication with them. The novel that has begun today will give you many pleasant emotions and memories and will have every opportunity to last for a very long time.

And to attract love, you can use the amulet talismans.

Lunar Sowing Calendar: Tuberous plants and roses will develop and bloom well. Kohlrabi and root vegetables, including peas and beans, potatoes, as well as strawberries and vegetable crops give a fairly good and tasty harvest. This day should be noted by gardeners and gardeners, because everything planted on this day will be quite resistant to disease and beautiful in shape.

Lunar wedding calendar: Marriages concluded on this day will retain warmth and tenderness in caring for each other, and the relationship between husband and wife will be full of the spirit of romance and sublime feelings. Every year they will only get closer. To avoid conflicts and misunderstandings, it is necessary to make it a rule to be aligned with each other and overcome problems together.

Lunar calendar haircuts: cardinal changes in appearance and impact on the hair is not favorable: it can attract negative to you. Haircuts can make hair naughty and they can start to curl. You can limit yourself to minimal changes: trim the tips and emphasize your hair color, preferably with natural dyes.

To know in more detail what matters today will be a success, check out the solar calendar. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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