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Itchy right cheek — omen; itching left and both cheeks

I’ll scratch my cheek — I’ll tell you the truth: signs, explanation by days of the week

If a person has itchy right cheek, luck can be both positive and not so. It all depends on the locality and duration of itching, health, day of the week.

But to understand the intricacies of popular wisdom is easy — cheeks can only tell you about personal things. They “do not understand” in work, business, but they can warn about future love, quarrel, about the future appearance of the baby.

Itchy right cheek - omen; itching left and both cheeks

Itchy right cheek

  • No wonder our ancestors used the word «right» in the meaning of «truthful.» The entire right side of our body (not just the cheek) is the embodiment of the positive energy that is vital to us. But once the cheek was combed, it means that the amount of this energy flows over the edge, and this is not so good.
  • Remember as a child, as mom said: you don’t need to run and shout a lot, laugh out loud, wouldn’t you have to cry after that? This is exactly the case with the right cheek: if it speaks of an excess of energy (even good), it means that it will have to be spilled out somewhere. That is, you cannot avoid emotional conversations, disputes with relatives, which can even end in quarrels and offenses.
  • If you are sick, itchy cheek is a good sign: the body has begun to release a lot of positive energy in order to clear itself of the disease. And that means you will get better soon.
  • If you believe the Buddhists, then the itching right cheek warns about the journey. And it will be either by air or by water.
  • If you are pregnant, such an itch may indicate the appearance of a son or twins.

Signs about the left cheek

  • Our left side is connected with love (not for nothing, and the heart is exactly on the left). So if you have an object of groaning, the itchy left cheek says: this person is not indifferent to you either. If you have quarreled with your beloved (beloved), reconciliation will soon come.
  • Are you in love with anyone? In this case, the sign is not the rainbow: wait for the bad news. Yes, they will not be tragic, but unpleasant.
  • Also, the combed left cheek can warn: someone from the family or friends can greatly surprise you. Pleased or upset? It can happen in different ways.
  • Sometimes the left cheek warns you: soon you can talk closely with relatives about money. Maybe you discuss the family business, or you will divide the inheritance. But the case will not end with a scandal — you decide everything in an amicable way.
  • Chested cheek started on the road? Perhaps this is the reason to return home.
  • If at the time of the itch one of your relatives is far away from home (say, your spouse is away on a business trip), the native person will soon return.
  • If you are pregnant, combed his left cheek promises you the birth of a girl.

Both are scratched

Itchy right cheek - omen; itching left and both cheeks

  • This is a sign: you will soon wipe the tears on your face. However, it cannot be said that you will be necessarily grieved — sometimes there are also tears of joy, affection, as well as laughter.
  • Our ancestors believed: if the cheeks are unbearably itchy for a long time, you need to hold a golden jewel on your skin and immediately look in the mirror. If a gray band is left on your cheek, you are severely abused. If the band is red or pink, they simply say about you (and the interlocutor has not yet decided to end, scolding you or praising you).

Itching goes to cheekbones

  • Right side. You are praised. Maybe, at work, they responded well to your hard work, mom describes your housekeeping in front of her friends …
  • Left-hand side. And then the opposite — you are scolded for the eyes. And it’s not necessarily all that was said — it’s true, maybe someone just scratched a tongue, and he began to gossip (say, envy).

Explanation by days of the week

These signs explain not only the itching, but also the flushing of the face.

  • Monday. You can meet with a bright personality, an interesting conversationalist.
  • Tuesday. Be as tactful as possible in communication — there is a danger of quarrels with loved ones.
  • Wednesday. You are lucky. One of two things: either it will be replenishment of the wallet, or a successful love meeting.
  • Thursday. You will find an exciting business that will allow you to have fun from the heart.
  • Friday. Itching promises guests (unexpected) or to lead.
  • Saturday. Something unexpected will happen in your life.
  • Sunday. You have fun with friends, relatives or colleagues.

How to “neutralize” the negative, which warns this omen?

Itchy right cheek - omen; itching left and both cheeks

  • Does the cheek warn about something bad? To prevent evil from happening, rub it with salt, pepper or ashes, after which wash under the tap. Salt has proven itself best of all — it removes the bad influence of other people that has “stuck” on you, and also acts as a cosmetic scrub.
  • In winter, you can rub your face with snow — it will erase all the negative. By the way, in the summer you can also get a little snow by scratching “on the bottom of the barrel”, that is, inside the freezer.
  • Our grandmothers advise: you can simply wash your face with clean water (ideally — holy), then pick up a golden ring and draw a cross on an itchy place. This method will not only drive away evil, but also bring good luck to you.

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