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Itching left or right palm — a sign of money and wealth

True sign — itching left or right hand

It is believed that some events predetermined in the future may make themselves felt with the help of some signs — something will be combed, sore, warning. There are several signs that interpret what it feels like to the left palm.

The basic interpretation is about money. The palm begins to itch a few days before making a profit.

The more it itches, the greater the amount to be expected. If you scratch your hand, you agree to the acceptance of the mark. Do not want money — do not scrub.

The most important thing is not to miss the moment, to scratch your palm correctly to avoid disappointment.

The right palm usually scratches to new interesting meetings, ideas, a good time.

Itching left or right palm - a sign of money and wealth

How to scratch a palm on signs

  • You need to scratch your palm away from your fingers, towards the base, that is, towards yourself. It is desirable that the palm was turned to you. If you scratch yourself or in both directions — it is a loss of money, quick spending.
  • Comb better with your hand or wallet, wallet. Scratching, rubbing against clothes — spend money on new clothes. About furniture — you have to buy new furniture, items for the home.
  • According to some signs you can not scratch your hand with an empty wallet. For others — just empty and you need to scratch, hinting to the need to replenish stocks of money.
  • You can scrape an itchy place with a credit card — this is also a transparent hint that I would like to receive money.
  • To scratch a palm with a coin — to win in gambling.
  • Scratching the palm — what will it lead to? — The hand can really begin to itch from external irritation. Signs will still work.
  • As for the right hand, it can also be scratched with a wallet or credit card — so that the meeting was for money. Scratch the subject with which you would like to link the meeting. If you do not want to meet, but the hand is itchy much — stroke the cat — the cat or the cat removes any unwanted effects. You can put your hand in the water. Washing your hands with flowing water, you also remove any effects — both positive and negative.
  • If you want to cause itching in the palm of your hand, scratch your thumb. So you can slightly hurry fate.
  • The hand itches not only before the salary or the mandatory payment. Itchiness can mean an upcoming cash prize or gift.

What you need to do to attract wealth

  • Signs are advised, when itching in the palm of your hand, to imagine a stack of large bills, squeezed in his hand. Put your hand with imaginary bills in your pocket and imagine that the money is in your pocket. You can simply put a finger in your pocket if you do not want to attract attention. The thumbs placed in the pockets are not only the posture of a self-confident person, it is also a sure monetary sign.
  • If there are no pockets, touch the wallet or purse.
  • Having received the money, do not spend it immediately. Let them rest in their wallet for a while.
  • Strong, painful, unpleasant itching in the palms can mean the opposite of the generally accepted positive signs of things — these are serious and unforeseen money spending, spending money on unnecessary trifles, useless spending, buying a damaged or poor quality thing, the wrong size, with hidden defects.

Signs when itching

  • Itching to a good and interesting business. In addition, what you yourself have long wanted to do, what you can do, love and do an excellent job. Maybe it’s a special cake or a model airplane, a fishing tackle, or a cute sweater. You will get great pleasure and material benefit afterwards. Take hold of everything you wanted to do — the work will go on. For all the signs, you can even learn something new. Feel free to try what you wanted to do, but did not dare — to drill holes with a puncher, change window-sills, embroider with satin stitch, or sew a dress yourself — you will certainly have good luck.
  • The outer side of the brushes can itch to disputes, fight, furious showdown. To throw out the negative, go to the match, watch football in the club, visit the gym.
  • Take care of your hands in the near future, do not allow hypothermia, do hard work with gloves and buy a good softening cream. It is checked that lucky pens are itching for luck. Peeling, cracking of the skin is always a bad sign, meaning difficulties that could have been avoided.
  • Pamper your pens. Buy a new purse or a convenient, beautiful bag — so that when your left palm is scratched again — the wallet is near. Bubbly and embroidered wallets, leather with a pattern, bring good luck.

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