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How to successfully pass exams: omens, rituals and talismans

How to successfully pass exams: omens, rituals and talismans

During the session, many students try to be fully prepared: they prepare cheat sheets, bison material and, of course, follow signs and rituals for passing the exam, stock up a whole set of talismans. It is about signs, superstitions and happy talismans for study that will be discussed.

Is there any benefit from all these magical tricks before passing the exam? Of course, there is! Observing the customs and traditions that have developed over the centuries, students set themselves up for positive emotions. Enlisting the support of higher powers, they are more confident.

In this case, the chances of success increase. Here are the most common signs of good luck during the session:

Before the exam, you can not wash your hair, cut your hair, cut your nails and shave. Everything learned can be forgotten.

During the preparation for the exam, it is not recommended to leave all the notes and books open, you can forget everything learned.

For exams you need to appear in the same clothes. For example, if the first exam is passed well, then the second one needs to wear the same clothes, as it is already charged with the energy of success.

Exactly at midnight, before the exam, you need to go to the balcony or look out the window, wave the book and shout three times: «freebie, catch.» After that, the record book must be closed, tied up with red tape and not opened until the exam itself. After performing this ritual comes the easiest ticket.

Attracting freebies is achieved in another no less interesting way. In order for the exam to pass easily, it is necessary to pour it onto the desired page of the bread crumb record book, or to spread it with alcohol. Thereby, the freebie will smell the bait and will drop by itself into your record book.

To assimilate the material, many students put their notes and textbooks under the pillow before bedtime so that all knowledge is transmitted in a dream.

In the morning before the exam you need to stand in your left leg. From the same foot, you must leave the house and enter the audience.

Pull a ticket, too, need to left hand. In order to pull out an easy ticket, you can count a specific number of tickets. The numbers 3, 5, 7 and 9 are considered lucky. Many people count out 13 tickets.

There is a belief that if you rub your hands with something sticky, for example, honey or jam, before the exam, that particular ticket that you know well will stick to you.

To pass the exam successfully, you need to hold a couple of seconds for an excellent student who has already passed the exam.

On the way to the exam, you need to pay attention to people who meet each other. If a man is caught — to luck, if a woman is to fail. A pregnant woman goes to meet — the exam will be passed successfully.

If the first person to be met is a policeman or a bum, wait for trouble from the teacher.

In order for the teacher to lose vigilance on the exam, you need to put the left shoe on the right foot, and the right one on the left foot.

There are many talismans that attract good luck on the exam. To attract Fortune, you can put a coin in the left shoe. The essence of this talisman is probably that the metal acts on certain points on the foot and, thus, enhances intuition.

In order not to forget everything learned and correctly use the knowledge on the exam, you need to bring a talisman in the form of an owl or a snake. Since ancient times, these animals are considered symbols of wisdom, intelligence and ingenuity.

A string or string tied with nine knots on the left hand attracts luck. Since ancient times, knots were considered a powerful talisman and contributed to the concentration of positive energy.

There are still many different signs and rituals for exams. Using signs and talismans, do not forget that all this is only a means to increase self-confidence and get rid of fear. If there really is nothing in the head, then any magic will be powerless.

And what signs helped you pass exams? We are waiting for your comments! And if you click on, the session will be excellent!

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