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How to find out the sex of the child during pregnancy

How to determine the sex of the baby before his birth

Many young parents who are waiting for their first child are very interested in how to determine the sex of the child according to national signs. Someone else during the wedding begins to wonder who will be the first to be born in the newly baked family.

Sometimes the newlyweds do not even plan to get a baby, at least in the first two or three years from the marriage, and the guests try to give the sliders and stuff them with coins and bills. If more money turns out to be in the pink color sliders, a girl will be born first, and if in blue ones, the boy will appear first.

Ways to determine the sex of the baby

How to find out the sex of the child during pregnancy

The opportunity to find out the sex of the child more reliably than with the help of signs, the parents have recently appeared. Now, not only can we consider it with the help of ultrasound diagnostics, but also get a photo for memory.

But not every child is doing it this way — for example, it may be located incorrectly. Some parents deliberately refuse to diagnose ultrasound.

Therefore, the methods of finding out the sex of a child with the help of signs will be as popular as in former times.

Sex determination can even occur by the gait of a pregnant woman, as well as by her appearance. Even if young spouses do not believe in omens, the majority still listens with interest to the interpretation of relatives on this topic.

They will have to check the accuracy of the predictions very soon.

How to determine the sex of the baby in the appearance of the abdomen

How to find out the sex of the child during pregnancy

Mostly this kind of prediction is performed by elderly relatives. One glance at the future belly of the expectant mother is enough for them to determine who can hide inside. At about 20 weeks of pregnancy, it reaches a value sufficient for this.

If the stomach is slightly inclined to the right or sticks out with a “cucumber”, it’s most likely a boy in it, a neat tummy means a girl.

If you try to explain this fact from a popular point of view, the confirmation will be only a series of coincidences and the experience of elderly relatives. But on this score there is also a medically grounded opinion — the shape of the abdomen depends largely on the size of the child and the location in the womb.

Most often, the male fetus is larger, which makes him bulge out of the abdomen. Cases where the omen did not work are rare. In addition, there are other opinions on this.

By applying different signs and turning to the experience of people who understand this, you can try to more reliably find out who is inside the abdomen.

If the expectant mother feels bad

It is believed that with strong toxemia, the pregnant woman carries a male baby inside. From relatives you can hear the opinion that the boys are supposedly more rude and «do not pity» the mother, but the gentle and delicate girls do not cause such problems.

But in practice, toxicosis can at first be bothered quite strongly — regardless of the baby’s gender.

Another sign is also widespread — a woman who carries a girl in her stomach changes greatly in her face, the skin can deteriorate badly, pigment spots appear. At the same time they say that the daughter takes the maternal beauty.

Hand skin and gait

Mothers pregnant with their daughter rarely change the skin of their hands during pregnancy. When a boy becomes pregnant, it is often dry and even cracks. From a medical point of view, this is also explained by the fact that more sebum is produced with girls, their hands still look beautiful, and it is easy to care for them.

But our ancestors, by observation, had long ago discovered this feature.

If a pregnant woman expects a son, it can be difficult to determine the growing belly from the back — she still moves easily and gracefully. But when a girl is pregnant, her mother walks over a bit from side to side when walking.

For this take it easy to guess what the floor of the baby.

Mood pregnant

There are signs that relate to the well-being of a woman and her mood. It is believed that the pregnant son is constantly in a state of mild euphoria.

Hormones, which are released during pregnancy by girls, lead, on the contrary, to the state of suspicious, tearful, irritability, and not uncommon.

Often throws into heat, legs swell? So you have to wait for the boy.

If, on the contrary, there is a constant chill, mother often freezes — this is a sign that a daughter will be born.

Divination, with the help of which you can find out the sex of the baby

How to find out the sex of the child during pregnancy

To find out the floor of the baby can be using divination.

Take the mother’s wedding ring (or any ring belonging to it). Thread a red thread into it.

Hold the thread with the ring over the belly of the woman who is lying — if it is swaying in a circle, a girl will be born, if there is a boy from side to side.

Pregnant ask to show hands. If she makes it up with her palms, she will have a daughter.

On the contrary — respectively, the son.

You can try to guess the time of conception. If it happened at the very beginning of the menstrual cycle, there will be a girl.

If you ask the pregnant woman to take the key in her hands, and she grabs at the elongated part of her, she will have a son.

The listed divinations are quite simple to perform, but the sex of the child can be determined with great certainty.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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