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How to find out if a husband is cheating or not, and what to do so that you do not walk on the side: folk signs

To find out if a man has someone on the side, it is enough for a woman to notice changes in her husband’s behavior, noting atypical acts and even words. You can use folk signs, fortune telling and try to understand what is happening.

The main thing you need to remember is that you should not make hasty conclusions and connect emotions. All signs of treason must be identified by cold reason, so as not to blame the person in vain and not to put himself in an awkward light.

Statistics identifies 3 main features, in the presence of at least one of which you can think about changing a partner:

  • denial of sex life;
  • changing attitudes towards wife and children;
  • frequent absence of home.

How to find out if a husband is cheating or not, and what to do so that you do not walk on the side: folk signs

The most common sign of infidelity beloved is the rejection of intimate intimacy.

If the spouse has a mistress, he will not be able to pay due attention to both women, therefore the legal wife suffers more often.

The reason for this behavior may be the fact that the spouse has ceased to cause sexual desire, has become less attractive, more tired and untidy. All this pushes her husband to commit adultery, as he wants to feel himself young again.

How to find out if a husband is cheating or not, and what to do so that you do not walk on the side: folk signs

This is the second sign of communication on the side. If the spouse feels guilty, he will pay the maximum amount of attention to his wife and children, present gifts, invite for a date or family vacation.

Another scenario — he will begin to distance himself, specifically provoking scandals, causing female tears. Thus, he tries to provoke a conflict, thinking that it would be easier to go to his mistress.

How to find out if a husband is cheating or not, and what to do so that you do not walk on the side: folk signs

Another important sign of having another woman in a spouse’s life is his absence at home in the evenings, weekends, and possibly holidays. He will often leave home “to friends”, “to the gym”, “to go fishing”.

He may have problems at work, but if they recur every evening, then this is a reason to think about adultery.

There are several ways through which you can determine the betrayal of a man:

  • checking the husband’s phone;
  • folk omens;
  • folk methods;
  • conspiracy to determine loyalty;
  • divination for treason.

If the wife suspects her husband that he is walking away from her, psychologists are advised to check the phone, read the correspondence, and determine whether there are new contacts. If something is alarming, then betrayal is possible.

In the old days, the possible infidelity of a husband or wife was determined by superstition.

The most common folk omens, indicating a betrayal:

  • a wedding ring falls when put on — to be a betrayal; will change the one whose ring fell;
  • one young bird of prey flies over the young — it is worth being afraid of betrayal in marriage;
  • to find out to the groom, in what dress the bride will be at the wedding — to betrayal;
  • the girl feels discomfort in the chest on the right side — to the appearance of her husband’s mistress;
  • if the left foot is scratched — to betrayal;
  • husband gives a double rose to treason;
  • the pink bud of the present rose has blossomed — it symbolizes parting;
  • a pimple popped up under the nose — it is worth looking at your loved one, perhaps he is deceiving.

There are superstitions about how not to provoke treason:

  • it is not necessary to put on shoes for the first date a new shoe — relationships will break up, and the reason will be intrigue;
  • it is not necessary to give scarves — it is a symbol of fast treason;
  • It is worth getting rid of the mirror in the bedroom in front of the matrimonial bed — it can lead to betrayal.

For verification, the folk method can be used with "potassium permanganate". When the spouse comes home in the evening, you should take his underwear and soak him in a basin of water. And her husband to say that this is an ancient grandmother’s advice to check the strength of the relationship.

It is necessary to inform the potential traitor that if he deceives his wife, then the water will become pinkish in the morning. When the spouse falls asleep, you should add a couple of drops of potassium permanganate.

If the husband cheated, he will try to change the water to clean.

For the ritual, you need 2 candles, which must first be installed in a jar, the bottom of which is covered with a small layer of salt. It is recommended to conduct the ceremony when there is no one at home, in silence.

It is necessary to turn off the light everywhere, sit in a dark room, put two candles in front of you and light them. Then you need to close your eyes and speak the conspiracy words: "Let the truth be like salt, but I want to know whether the slaves of God (to give the names: your own and your spouse) are still in love".

After that, the eyes should be opened and carefully looked at the candles: if the wicks are burning exactly — there is no reason for excitement, the relationship is still sincere. If the wicks are directed in different directions, it means that another woman appeared between the lovers.

There are several ways to check marital fidelity:

  • saliva on glass;
  • drop by drop wax;
  • using the ring.

With the help of saliva on a mirror or glass, you can find out if your spouse changes. Trying not to swallow, you need to read the following words:

“As it is true that no one can live, be without saliva, so I want it to be the whole truth on my reflection, from my saliva. As the mirror reflects my reflection, so let my saliva on the mirror reflect all the truth to me. ”

With these words, you should spit on a mirror or glass and follow the saliva. If it spreads, then the beloved changes.

If it broke up into small drops, then it is true.

Pour some water into the saucer, pick up the candle and say the words:

«Candle, breed, alien woman, show yourself.»

After these words, the candle is set on fire and watch for drops of wax that fall on the saucer in the water. If the wax hardens in a form that vaguely resembles a female figure, then treachery takes place in the family.

To conduct this divination you need:

  1. 1. Take a long strip of paper, write your name, followed by the name of the spouse and at the end put a cross.
  2. 2. After that, take a wedding ring in your hand and roll it along this strip, uttering the phrase: "Go on, my little ring, point out your beloved heart". Depending on where the ring stops, the result should be interpreted.

If on the name of the spouse — the husband is faithful, if on his — he loves himself more than his wife. The cross means that the fact of treason was.

If the ring rolls further, the spouse changed more than once and with different women.

Conspiracy will help save marriage: if the ritual is properly performed, then happiness will return.

Saying certain words you need to tie knots on a red string. After that, tied thread should be put in a pocket or purse to the spouse.

If you repeat the conspiracy day by day, idyll will come to your family life.

The conspiracy words are: “As these knots are strong, so will our marriage be strong. The separation of you (spouse’s name) cannot be taken away, your love with me will remain forever. ”

As soon as the husband leaves home, you need to read the prayer:

Mother of God, Virgin, rejoice!

Gracious Mary, the Lord is with you,

Blessed are you in wives

And blessed is the fruit of your body;

Yako Spash bore our souls.

Then you need to take in the palm of a little poppy seeds and, pouring them from one hand to another, read the words:

I renounce the slave (name) of treason,

I save his soul, I protect my family.

As you are shallow and gray, so and every

Whoever has a chest, in front of me grows shallower.

All more in the heart of a slave (name).

Using conspiracy, you can return peace and love to the family.

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