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How to find out if a husband changes to within 100: national signs

Folk signs: How to find out if a husband changes up to 100%

How to find out if a husband changes up to 100%: folk omens created by other deceived women will not let you remain in ignorance for years. It is not necessary to hack the e-mail of your loved one or steal his phone in order to re-read all his SMS on the sly.

You can trust the conspiracy, because many women are surprised to note: 21st century is in the yard, and folk magic really works!

How to find out if a husband changes to within 100: national signs

Tips from experienced wives

  • Search auto spouse. Long hair in the back seat, forgotten on the floor of a typically female trifle (lipstick, mirror, hair clip) or a pack of condoms will be given adultery faithful.
  • Mistress (especially permanent) — this is a new item of expenditure in the budget of the spouse. Didn’t he suddenly “dump” on gifts to his colleagues? Has his salary decreased?
  • Sex can also be a «marker» of betrayal. Sometimes a partner suddenly begins to experiment, trying new positions with his wife, buying previously intimate toys unknown to you and using them as if he is familiar with them for more than a day. He could comprehend all these wisdoms of love with his new passion.
  • Does he constantly stay at work? Ask him about the new project. If he began to vividly go into details, falling asleep to you with specific terms, it is quite possible that he is just a workaholic. If, however, he simply excuses himself or remains silent, you have a legitimate reason to suspect that there are no emergency jobs, and in the evenings he visits a mistress.
  • He suddenly began to polish. A new suit, a morning tantrum about a tiny hole on the toe … For whom is the person trying so hard, just yesterday weeks dragging democratic jeans?

We catch a liar in the distance

How to find out if a husband changes to within 100: national signs

  • He forgets or does not manage to include Skype in the agreed time.
  • He has a constantly abstract look, he doesn’t know what to tell about himself, he has little interest in your life.
  • Closer to the arrival home, he suddenly begins to complain that he did not have time to finish all the work, and he will have to stay in a foreign city for another week.
  • After returning, instead of attacking you and dragging him to bed with the fury of a tiger, he is tired and has a shame for a few days.

Sly folk methods

  • Checking sex As soon as your contented person comes home from an unscheduled meeting, immediately pull him into bed. Can he immediately fulfill the marital debt? If not, then perhaps he has already squandered all his fervor on the side (although of course, the fact of banal human fatigue must also be taken into account).
  • Test manganese. Remove cowards from your beloved, put them in a basin and cover them with water, saying: “This water is conspired, if you had sex today, by the morning it will turn pink.” At night, when he falls asleep, pour into a bowl of potassium permanganate. The next morning, look at the reaction of her husband: if he is embarrassed, then he is guilty (he can openly admit his guilt, believing in your magic). Well, and if the water suddenly turns white, it means that he has sneaked it in, which can also be considered a 100% sign of «stigma in a gun.»
  • Check in the bathroom. The spouse returned home, and you immediately took a bath for him to relax, and even came back to rub … What could be more innocent? The main thing is not to pour foam into the water so that you can see if the spouse’s testicles float. If they drown, it means that he didn’t have sex, and they surfaced — it means that today they are emptied.

Will conspiracies help?

How to find out if a husband changes to within 100: national signs

  1. In the middle of the night, when the beloved one falls asleep (or is away), dial a full basin of water, hang a golden ring over it, and put a burning candle next to it. Speak: «Blessed Virgin, what should I do? Thoughts torment me, do not give me life, the spouse himself did not become his own, does he go to another? Dissolves another hair, tightly pressing it to his heart? ”If the ring starts to spin (or slowly turns in a circle), the answer is received — it is unfaithful to you.
  2. Fill a wide bowl (bowl, or at least a glass) with salt, stick two identical lighted candles into it — they will symbolize your pair. Whisper over the fire: «Let the truth be salty, like salt, let pain stick in the heart, tell me, fire and holy candle, shall I alone pick the name?» Candle lights tell the truth: if they burn evenly or drag each other to a friend, your pair is strong, but if the wicks turn away in different directions, he has fallen out of love.
  3. Pour into a bowl of water. Light a candle (it is better not white, but dark — say, red), whisper: “Wax, spread, razlichnits, show.” Let the candle drip onto the water during the plot, then consider what wax drops look like. If there is a female figure on the water, it is she, the other, who is luring your lawful spouse to her.
  4. Cut a long strip of paper. On the one hand, write your name, in the center — the name of the spouse, and on the other hand, put a cross. Sentencing «You scram, little ring, where your beloved heart is forever,» let your wedding ring roll on this sheet. If it stops on your name, the spouse is faithful to you; if on his name, he is an inveterate egoist; if on the cross — it belongs to the mistress; if he rolls away from a piece of paper, it means that he does not have any certain sweethearts on the side, but he is not averse to spying on anyone with whom.

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