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How to determine the sex of the child: signs

How to determine the sex of the child: signs

Waiting for the child is always a touching and exciting moment. Today, doctors can call the baby’s sex even during pregnancy, but not immediately after conception. You can find out who can be born according to national signs, which our ancestors have noticed for centuries.

Folk omens

  • If the first days of pregnancy pass easily, then most likely it is worth waiting for a boy, if a woman is capricious throughout the nine months, then wait for the girl.
  • All the time you want a sweet wait for a little princess, but if you have a boy, you should pull on a salt one.
  • If a little boy runs up to a pregnant woman on the street, a girl will be born.
  • You will have a son if you always have a headache when carrying a child.
  • According to folk signs, if you wear a daughter under your heart, you will have to share beauty with her. If a woman with every day of pregnancy looks worse, wait for the girl. Even doctors agree with this interesting fact.
  • For the first time, your child has moved a boy in your right side, but if on the contrary, wait for the baby.
  • Omens say that if a pregnant woman demonstrates her position in front of everyone, wait for the representative of the stronger sex, if she hides it, then a little beauty.
  • If during toxicosis only in the morning you are the mother of your daughter, if you have a boy throughout the day.
  • Remember that it is impossible to strongly desire a child of a certain sex, it will happen the other way round. If, for example, you yourself, your husband or mother-in-law are keen on a girl, then a little knight will be born.

Guessing on the floor of the child

The most famous fortune-telling on the floor of a child is fortune-telling with the help of a wedding ring. Through the ring you need to thread a thick woolen thread, red. Ring in the form of a pendulum should be hung over the belly of a pregnant woman.

If a wedding ring is swinging back and forth, then wait for your son, if in a circle, then you have a girl.

You can also guess the future of the mother’s hand, the only difference is that the value changes. If the ring goes in a circle, then you are waiting for the boy, if the pendulum swings from side to side, you will be born a woman of the fair sex.

If you are waiting for your first child and have never had an abortion, then fortune telling with a needle is suitable for you. This method is designed to find out the sex of the first child.

You will need a new needle which nobody sewed and a white thread. Insert the thread into the needle to make a pendulum. Take the design in your right hand, and your left palm up.

Lower the needle three times in the center of the palm, then lift the pendulum high. Swinging from side to side speaks about the birth of the future man, the circular motion of the needle predicts a daughter.

New life is always beautiful, remember that the main thing is not the sex of the child, but his health. Take care of yourself and your children and do not forget to press buttons and

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