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How to attract good luck and money: national signs

How to attract good luck and money: national signs

With the help of proven cash, everyone will be able to attract good luck and abundance of money into their lives, rid themselves of life’s difficulties and say goodbye to failures.

There are many popular signs indicating the approach of happiness and well-being. The knowledge collected by our ancestors will be useful in the modern world, allowing you to quickly and easily bring into your life positive changes, luck and well-being.

Signs to raise money

Choose the right wallet. Natural materials, such as leather or dense fabric, are more conducive to the preservation and enhancement of your wealth. The color of the wallet also matters.

The element of money is metal and earth, so try to choose a purse in the colors of this element: reddish, brown, silver, black.

Use cash talismans, unchangeable coins or bills that will securely protect your financial well-being.

Folk sign says: a piece of horseradish root, put in a separate wallet pocket, will contribute to the attraction of material well-being and good luck.

Put bills in ascending order, and in your wallet do not keep photos or other foreign objects that will block financial flows.

At double the amount of money will be returned to those who do not know greed and mercantile spirit. Donate money to the poor, to charitable foundations. Any disinterested monetary help will be a great success for you.

A silver coin under the threshold of the house will save you from poverty and monetary losses.

Compare purchases with the moon phases: hand out debts on a waning moon, and make new acquisitions on a growing one, so that you always stay on a wave of financial luck.

The fragrance of patchouli attracts money. Put a drop of essential oil on the bill and put it in your wallet so that the money in it will never run out.

Be sure to show a small coin for a growing thin month. This will help you increase your wealth.

Get a piggy bank that you will replenish daily with small coins. Put down coins with wishes of good luck and prosperity. You can connect friends and relatives to this.

Unselfish donations with wishes of all blessings to the owner will help you to bring good luck to life.

Money does not like light. Keep them in secluded dark places inaccessible to the views of people around them.

Do not take out the garbage in the evening, so as not to bring trouble to your house and not lose the favor of Fortune.

When returning the empty tare occupied by the neighbors, remember that the small coin or treat put into it will preserve your well-being and good luck.

Avoid borrowing and donating money after sunset, so as not to deprive yourself of monetary well-being.

Never whistle indoors so as not to whistle money. According to popular belief, whistling attracts wind and evil spirits, which in two accounts can deprive you of well-being.

When giving alms, say to yourself: «Yes, the hand of the giver will not become scanty, may my donation be for the good.»

Do not leave a knife, money and empty bottles on the table. So you will avoid poverty and financial bad luck.

Recount your finances three times a day — for daily expenses; on Friday evening — for large expenses; twice a month — all available savings. New funds received by you, recount at home and be sure to leave them at night without spending. So you increase your wealth.

Wipe all glass surfaces in the house: mirrors, doors, furniture, so as not to prevent cash flow from entering your home.

The following sign will help to avoid financial outflow: sweep the house from the front door to the center of the room with a broom. Do not mark the house after sunset.

Use one broom for cleaning living space, so as not to dissipate wealth.

Pomelo put up broom will save you from financial losses.

Left palm itches for profit. Secure the effect by tapping on a tree or clapping your hands three times.

The sudden flowering of indoor plants promises quick profits and good luck in serious matters.

A butterfly and a ladybug flying through the window promise a quick material addition. Release the insect carefully with the words: «Come back with money».

If the bird has soiled your clothes, do not doubt that your business will go uphill and bring you financial abundance.

Our ancestors for gaining good luck in financial matters fed sparrows and pigeons, which are excellent «carriers» of monetary luck.

Appreciate the money, respect them and do not forget to let them into the business so that financial flows do not stagnate in your house or wallet. Never store notes in a crumpled form, carefully fold them into a wallet and do not waste money. We wish you good luck and good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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