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Honey Spas August 14: signs of luck and good luck

Honey Spas August 14: signs of luck and good luck

Honey Spas is a popular holiday, loved by people who honor traditions. He not only gives a good mood, but also associated with interesting signs and rites.

On the day of the celebration of the Honey Savior, popular rites for attracting good luck and well-being are popular. Over the centuries, our ancestors collected and accumulated special signs that can enhance the energy and fill life with happiness. The experts of the site dailyhoro.ru have collected all the most important things about this holiday.

The story of the Savior

The appearance of the holiday Honey Spas falls to another 15th century. Honey Spas is celebrated exactly one month after the Petrovsky post ends, for 6 centuries now. The Russian people believed that on this day one could receive healing from any illness, atone for sins and find the desired.

On this day, worship is held in all churches, and Christians can pray in front of the holy icons and light candles. According to the Holy Scripture, August 14th is the day of remembrance of the seven holy martyrs of the Maccabees.

Signs and customs for good luck and happiness

Christians believe that on August 14, the day of the Honey Savior, one can be cured of any illness through prayers and repentance. People conduct the ritual of ablution in various water sources at the Honey Spas.

On this day, beekeepers collect honey and bring some of it to the temple, believing that this will make them happier.

Not only honey, but also the harvest collected from their gardens, bring to the church for donations. The more a Christian brings his crops to the gift, the richer he will be next year.

In the southern cities, poppies are harvested, and so that the evil force does not sneak into the house and good luck reigns all year round in the family, it is scattered on the floor in the house.

If the night of the celebration of the Honey Spas night is cold, then autumn will be early and cool.

On August 14, every Christian tries to treat the poor with honey and harvest, in order not only to find good luck and happiness, but also to atone for sins.

If it rains on this day, then the stronger it is, the more you expect good luck this year.

Bake treats with honey — for good luck and good luck for all households.

It is believed that you can not guess the day of the Savior, as it is contrary to the laws of the church. Honey Spas is a bright holiday, during which people not only can spend time with the family, adhering to folk traditions and rituals, but also get closer to the Lord. We wish you happiness, family well-being, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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