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Home signs: how to scare away misfortune and attract well-being

Home signs: how to scare away misfortune and attract well-being

Most of the events happening in our life are preceded by certain signs of the Universe. Our ancestors tracked every such phenomenon. And nowadays, thanks to folk signs, you can avoid trouble and catch luck.

A sign is not a relic of the past at all, but a well-grounded conclusion drawn as a result of long observations. People are used to not trusting the portents, considering them superstition. However, our whole life is based on experience, and nothing else signals danger as signs.

The storehouse of knowledge that we inherited from our ancestors will help to attract well-being and will indicate the approaching happiness.

Signs: the essence and meaning

Grounds of appearance will take under solid ground. They can not be put on one level with superstition. Unfortunately, most people do not even try to find the true reasons for the appearance of precursors, and yet each of them is preceded by more than once recurring phenomena. Take, for example, the belief that you can not leave the water flowing from the tap — it symbolizes the outflow of money.

This sign is quite new, but it has a well-founded meaning that emerged with the appearance of counters in our life.

Both the old and the new omens serve as a pointer to important things that we may miss due to carelessness. Signs help to avoid mistakes that were made earlier, which has a positive effect on our well-being. However, you should be wary of a thoughtless belief in negative signs: such beliefs can program you to fail.

Where it is better to rely and believe in good premonitions that do not carry anything but positive and joy.

Well-being home signs

It is possible to scare away misfortune and bring luck into your life with the help of home signs. If you are serious about your well-being, then the beliefs taken into account will help you find personal happiness.

  • The bird sitting opposite your window is for profit and good news.
  • Before leaving the house, you should definitely look at yourself in the mirror, then your day will pass perfectly and safely.
  • If you hold a table corner during a meal, it will help to get a bigger apartment or find happiness.
  • To attract well-being, you can use a loaf of bread and saltcellar: just go around all the rooms, holding them in your hands.
  • To see a spider is for money.
  • We saw by chance a sunbeam on the floor — wait for a miracle.
  • Being on the street, noticed the light in your window — you will succeed.
  • Ants at home — to enrichment.
  • Accidentally spill water, milk or tea — to well-being.
  • Accidentally broken dishes — for luck and good luck.
  • A cat running from the street to the house will bring good luck with it.
  • A bird that flies into the apartment will bring happiness.
  • For well-being, you need to get up every morning with your right foot.
  • Keep silver at home — be rich and lucky.
  • If you sneeze at the table — luck will smile throughout the week.
  • Wearing a jacket with the right hand — be happy.
  • Taking a knife, you should smile — it will give well-being.
  • The trip will be happy if you clean the house the day before.
  • Sit before leaving on a suitcase — to a happy journey.
  • When moving to a new place, be sure to take a broom or a brush with you — so you will take along with him a brownie and happiness.

Signs that promise misfortune

These signs indicate a possible misfortune, which you attract by negligence. To avoid them, be careful and do not perform such actions. It will help you to scare away misfortune, problems and misfortune.

  • Things found on the street should not be carried home — this will attract misfortune and discord in the family.
  • To kill a spider is a misfortune.
  • If washing in the morning you pour water from your hands past the sink — wait for trouble.
  • You can not sew clothes before leaving the house — will attract difficulties on the way.
  • If you lost a mitten — wait for problems.
  • Old and rusty things cannot be stored in the house — there will be problems with money and health.
  • If you do not finish the tea and it is cold — you will suffer misfortunes.
  • Whistling at home — to a loss.
  • You can not fry bread on gas, on the tip of a knife — to bad luck.
  • To lick a knife is to be angry and gloomy.
  • It is impossible to lift a needle, which is aimed at you — trouble will happen.
  • Left on the table knife will bring misfortune.
  • To kill an insect — to grief.
  • Cracked dishes in the house — grief and discord in the family.
  • Sing in the morning — wash your tears at night.
  • Step on the berry — to a quarrel.
  • To beat pillows on Sunday — to sadness and misfortune.
  • If a cricket wound up in the house — there will be a misfortune.
  • To hit the left foot — unfortunately.
  • Get out when a family member is on the road — sweep him out of the house.
  • Take out the trash, going on business — wait for a bad day.
  • Looking out the window before the sun rises — scare away luck.
  • Left a piece of bread — the happiness you left.
  • Creaking doors — wait for trouble.
  • The uneaten food is unfortunate.
  • If in winter a flower blooms that should bloom in summer, it will bring major problems.
  • You can not leave shoes crossed — so you invite trouble to your house.
  • Make sure that the porridge when cooking does not go beyond the crock pans, otherwise you will face misfortunes.
  • Overcooked meat — to the insults and strife.
  • You can not start eating fish from the head — it will bring misfortune.
  • Two knives on the table that randomly form a cross — to a loss.

In all national signs there is a rational grain. Relying on the experience of ancestors, you can get rid of the losing streak. Good beliefs will help to notice in life the good signs that precede your happiness. Good luck, well-being, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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