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Holy Week — what you can and cannot do

Holy week — what not to do and signs of the day

This holiday will begin on April 10th. It is believed that the holiday is dedicated to the last days of the life of Jesus Christ.

For each day, there are only their own, allowed and prohibited products, this must be considered, otherwise the passionate week will not be respected.

Description of the church holiday

There are many ways to celebrate a passionate week, this article will discuss the main activities of a believer in this period. Of course, you can’t talk about the church statutes in such a dry manner — all the same, the passionate week is the forerunner of the great Easter, which foreshadows a new round of your life, you can’t treat it so dry.

Great Monday, for example, requires adherence to the principle of «dry food», which neglects the various fruits, you can not eat processed food. But you can also play sports and conduct your usual activities, of course, remembering that a believer needs to follow a huge number of rules.

You need to eat only as predicted. That is, you cannot determine your diet on your own, you are a believer!

You need to understand and be aware of your place in this ever-changing society. Otherwise, you can lose yourself in this way, drive into anguish. completely forget how to live properly. And this is very bad, because everyone needs God in their hearts, but they cannot be angry — you can send a terrible curse upon you.

Yes, by the fact that you do not observe a passionate week, according to all the rules, you can also incur the wrath of Jesus, and then you may regret so much so many times that you are pernicious not only for physical but also for moral health reckless decision that cost you such punishment, you should not be very confident about this decision, otherwise you can completely forget about your position. A believer must be aware of his place.

Until April 16, it will be possible to enjoy this holiday, which brings the highest enlightenment to all believing families, does not carry anything bad and is one of the most holy weeks of the whole world.

Holy Week - what you can and cannot do

Description by day of the week

It is necessary to drink only water, for great Monday water is the most important thing. Together with moisture, you have to pull all the violence out of yourself, it is very well applied in various places, but you may not notice how everything was resolved immediately — you need to understand that you can’t sin on Monday too.

It is necessary to understand everything that is in the world.

  • On Wednesday, you can not bother at all — just eat what has already happened. The environment is completely different, that is, there is no “hunger strike” here yet. You do not need to pray for your sins, you are literally sanctified by God himself, if, of course, you understand your faith.
  • On a clean Thursday, plant food is needed, here the people’s “weight loss” begins. It is necessary to eat vegetable oil in food, in order not to recover much, but also to feel that you too can live in the same free way as you did before.

Holy Week - what you can and cannot do

  • Friday is the most mournful day, on this day one cannot even drink Cahors. Absolutely not, you can anger God, who is so unhappy that Friday comes in this passionate week. What to do? Definitely give up the Cahors, so you don’t have to do such a thing, you need to come to this on your own, not just because “Aby as”, but to do what you need to do.
  • Saturday is a great day on which the complete purification of the soul begins, the victory over evil. Do not neglect this, since it is a victory over evil that can give you a new, divine appearance. It’s not that Friday, on Friday, enlightenment may not come to you at all, but if you can normally sacrifice yourself to Christ, then divine repentance will be for you, do not forget the rites!
  • You should forget about gambling and there will be only problems from various kinds of events, otherwise the holiday will pass for you in an extremely useless way, you will forget about your divine belonging and you will become only unnecessary sinners in the person of divine forces who will be disappointed in you and will not patronize your undertakings, and this is extremely terrible, you should not neglect this business.

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