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Hiccup — time sign

Hiccup — time sign

Hiccup always attacks unexpectedly and at the wrong time. In the old days, hiccups were given a mystical significance, and in modern times this phenomenon is estimated according to signs and superstitions.

Consider the question: hiccups — will take on time. What will the higher forces tell us?

Hiccup - time sign

Hiccups as a mystical phenomenon

If a person is not supercooled, not swallowed and did not drink a lot of liquid, the hiccup is quite predictive. There is a perception among the people that hiccups attack a person if they think about him.

Light hiccups — positive thoughts, strong — they scold you.

Some interpreters suggest the following method of identifying a person who thinks of hiccups. You should pull the hair out of your head and wind it around your finger, pronouncing the letters of the alphabet.

On which letter the hair ends, the name should be remembered.

There is another radical method for defining an “intruder” — call your friends by name and hold your breath after each name. On what name the hiccups stop, he thought about you.

Hiccup - time sign

Value by hours and days

This interpreter is more complete and detailed, you can find out the meaning of hiccups at any time of the day.

7-8 am

  • Monday: a chance meeting with a love object;
  • Tuesday: thinks a true friend;
  • Wednesday: you have a fan;
  • Thursday: predicts hustle and bustle;
  • Friday: unexpected love;
  • Saturday: new clothes.

8-9 am

  • monday: they want to meet you;
  • Tuesday: meeting with the enemy;
  • medium: do not quarrel with friends;
  • Thursday: a friend needs support;
  • Friday: do not worry about trifles.

9-10 am

  • monday: bad news;
  • Tuesday: good news;
  • Wednesday: predicts love;
  • Thursday: they miss you;
  • Friday: a friend will become a lover;
  • Saturday: a pleasant surprise.

10-11 am

  • monday: an important conversation;
  • Tuesday: good luck for the whole day;
  • Wednesday: passionate love;
  • Thursday: meeting with the former;
  • Friday: charm;
  • Saturday: family disputes.

11-12 am

  • Monday: long-awaited meeting;
  • Tuesday: think of you;
  • Wednesday: loved one wants to meet;
  • Thursday: reciprocity;
  • Friday: frivolous hobby;
  • Saturday: love.

12-13 days

  • monday: old friend;
  • Tuesday: unpromising passion;
  • Wednesday: mutual love;
  • Thursday: a reason for fun;
  • Friday: hold the tongue;
  • Saturday: an avid fan.

13-14 days

  • monday: kiss;
  • Tuesday: an interesting acquaintance;
  • Wednesday: true love;
  • Thursday: an unpleasant story;
  • Friday: you are not interested in your beloved;
  • Saturday: parting with your beloved.

14-15 days

  • Monday: envy you;
  • Tuesday: they want to meet you;
  • Wednesday: gossip;
  • Thursday: the case;
  • Friday: cheer up, victory is near;
  • Saturday: lose your head from love.

15-16 days

  • Monday: quarrels with loved ones;
  • Tuesday: friendly kiss;
  • environment: interesting dreams;
  • thursday: surprise;
  • Friday: recognition;
  • Saturday: failed plan.

16-17 days

  • monday: you like you;
  • Tuesday: help friends;
  • environment: friendly embrace;
  • Thursday: disorder;
  • Friday: good mood;
  • Saturday: warm hugs.

17-18 pm

  • monday: tears;
  • Tuesday: vain fears;
  • medium: unpleasant words;
  • Thursday: the need for rest;
  • Friday: new romance;
  • Saturday: good change.

18-19 pm

  • Monday: purchase, new clothes;
  • Tuesday: near happiness;
  • Wednesday: good mood;
  • Thursday: unexpected visit;
  • Friday: talk with friends;
  • Saturday: thoughts of the beloved.

19-20 pm

  • Monday: an unexpected gift;
  • Tuesday: do not be annoying;
  • Wednesday: gossip, gossip;
  • Thursday: you are offended;
  • Friday: hassle;
  • Saturday: wishes come true.

20-21 pm

  • Monday: dream about the future beloved;
  • Tuesday: time of love;
  • Wednesday: stranger call;
  • Thursday: rest and entertainment;
  • Friday: reciprocity with the beloved;
  • Saturday: headache.

21-22 pm

  • Monday: unexpected event;
  • Tuesday: unplanned spending;
  • Wednesday: pleasant walk;
  • Thursday: relationships are unpromising;
  • Friday: someone thinks about you;
  • saturday: new friends

22-23 pm

  • monday: pleasant chat;
  • Tuesday: they will call you;
  • Wednesday: the threat of disease;
  • Thursday: interesting post;
  • Friday: plans are implemented;
  • Saturday: you dream someone.

23-24 pm

  • monday: strong embrace;
  • Tuesday: tears and frustration;
  • Wednesday: be frank with your loved one;
  • Thursday: new ideas;
  • Friday: a date;
  • Saturday: new team.

Hiccup - time sign

Value according to the days of the week

Consider in detail the value of hiccups by day of the week. It is characteristic that this interpreter predicts not the name of the one who thinks, but determines the direction of the fate of the hiccup.


Someone persistently thinks about you. True, it is impossible to determine a specific person: it could be your friend, boss or thief-intruder.

It is also impossible to determine the direction of thoughts about you: positive or negative. Other interpreters portend an important acquaintance.


Someone longs for hiccup: either a relative or a man in love. On this day, hiccups give the exact direction to the thoughts of a person — positive.


Hiccup foreshadows the message. It can be a phone call, an SMS message, a Skype call or just a letter.

This is the news that you get by all means. Also likely an important meeting, sign.


Hiccup predicts a meeting — business or personal nature. Expect an invitation to a celebration or party.


This is the day of Venus, and such an event as hiccups warns to keep your mouth shut. If you start a quarrel with her beloved, she may be the last in your life together.

In other cases, hiccups foreshadows the receipt of news.


Hiccup reports jealousy of a loved one. He does not trust you and is seeking confirmation of his concerns.

Therefore, keep internal and external calmness and with understanding treat quibbles. In other cases, expect an unplanned meeting.


Hiccup predicts a romantic encounter. This day will be filled with love and tenderness.

For the rest, hiccups spell unplanned fun.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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