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Having lost your watch, remember to take it, because it is a guide to action.

Signs about the clock: in step with the lost time

Losing hours is not the greatest trouble. If you believe the signs, this may be followed by quite interesting events.

And do not assume that the loss of hours will necessarily result in a loss of time.

If you lose your watch, according to accept, there will be a serious obstacle in your way that will prevent you from completing the already started business and will slow down the conclusion of new deals. Time seems to have stopped for you, and events cannot move and develop. This is the collapse of all your hopes for the future, because you have no future at all.

A horror, a nightmare, and how one does not panic from such an interpretation of events!

Having lost your watch, remember to take it, because it is a guide to action.

But let’s think about when such a sign could be born. Surely a long time ago, when people saw clocks mainly on city towers, and their loss could well mean the end of everything.

The earthquake damaged the mechanism, the enemy core destroyed the tower — this is a reason to fall into despair and say goodbye to all your dreams.

But we live in a more favorable time, and the loss of watches will not lead to disaster. On the contrary, the modern interpretation of this sign speaks of liberation from the accumulated over the years of negativity. People who love watches never forget them and carry them everywhere.

All information, both bad and good, does not disappear without a trace, but settles somewhere in time, including on your watch, symbolizing time. It turns out that after losing the clock, you parted with a lot of negative information. Now is the time to start a new life without repeating previous mistakes.

Fate gave you a chance, do not miss it.

You may have chosen a model that is not very suitable for you, and the watch will prefer to disappear from your life in order not to harm. Young women should not wear square watches with corners; oval or round models will do. Hard squares are suitable for purposeful men who are able to deal with circumstances.

If a girl lost such watches, she got rid of future problems with them and in the future she would not have to solve unbearable tasks.

Your watch has fallen into the water — get ready for a long trip, in which you will need a more sophisticated model, for example, with several time zones. If the clock is buried in the sand, something unusual will happen, unexpected.

In the coming days, be a little more attentive and count events one step further, so as not to get into trouble or have time to prepare for them.

If you have lost the clock that you inherited from your parents, that is, absorbed a whole epoch, then it is time for a drastic change, and it is time to change the old clock to a new, modern one in order to keep up with the times.

Time does not wait

You have found the watch lost by someone — you have extra, or rather, free time. You can briefly distract yourself and take care of yourself, because on a typical day you don’t have a minute to do this.

Having lost your watch, remember to take it, because it is a guide to action.

If you’re alone, the clock will remind you not to lose time, it’s time to look for your love. Look at the people around you, most likely you just do not notice the signs of attention and hints of your loyal fans.

The watch is a happy find, now you can make almost any wish, and it will come true. And if it does not come true, it turns out that you made something impossible.

People not only lose, but also throw away their watches. If you picked up a broken chronometer, do not rush to rejoice, from now on you will need maximum effort to keep life at the same level.

Dead arrows signal that time has stopped for you. You will move forward with effort, as through the water column.

But do not quit, otherwise you will never return to it again, and many of your undertakings, which have already been spent a lot of time and money, will remain unfinished.

Broken watches are generally not worth raising. The cracks on the dial symbolize a split in the family.

It is better to leave such a find in place or throw it away, where no one will find it.

Gold, silver watches, like other expensive models, pick dangerous. Of course, you can take a chance and keep the find for yourself.

Just not the fact that it will bring you good luck or wealth. As you know, watches accumulate all the information, both coming from outside and coming from the owner. If an expensive toy is lost a cheerful, kind and at the same time rich person, feel free to use the find.

Together with the clock you will get a part of its positive energy. But something tells us that among the rich and successful there are few kind and cheerful ones.

Look for the owner better, in which case you can count on a generous reward.

In no case do not keep broken clocks at home, even if they are wall-mounted, even wrist watches. All signs agree on one thing — broken clocks symbolize a time stop, or in modern interpretation — a long stagnation in any areas of activity.

If after the fall of the clock there was at least one crack, try to change the damaged part as soon as possible, but if you stop the clock that cannot be repaired, simply send it to the garbage can or sell it to the master for spare parts.

If an old or sick person lives in your house, the clock that suddenly fell off the wall foreshadows his imminent death. But if there is no candidate for this mournful role, your family will face a worsening financial situation, that is, a serious loss, an unexpected dismissal, bankruptcy.

Happy hours are not watching

The clock can not be given to anyone in any form. With the person who gave such a gift you will never be close friends again.

It is believed that the donated hours take away part of life from the owner. And the more expensive the chronometer, the more time it takes from you.

Having lost your watch, remember to take it, because it is a guide to action.

It happens that in a heap of gifts you simply did not notice the clock or for some reason do not dare to refuse an undesirable present. Then try not to use this watch in the house.

Take to the garage, hang in the open gazebo or outside the house. Let all the negatives blow in the wind.

It seems to many that without a clock they fall out of the usual rhythm and can no longer meet the requirements of modern life. They are sure that without knowing the exact time, it is impossible to arrive at a meeting on time, catch a train or a date.

But think about your internal biological hours, which nature has rewarded us with, listen to them and wake up without problems in the morning, come to work on time and never be late for a date.

And before you panic, shed tears and cancel important meetings, look at your feet. Perhaps you have not yet lost the clock, but simply dropped them.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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