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Great Saturday: traditions, customs and omens

Great Saturday of the year: traditions, customs and omens

Great post comes to an end together with a passionate week. This means that very little time is left before Easter. Great Saturday helps prepare for the most important holiday for all Christians.

Great Saturday is the last day of Great Lent. Holy Saturday falls on April 30th.

Many people on Holy Saturday do not eat until the evening, waiting for the first stars to appear in the sky. There are many restrictions associated with this time, and we have gathered the most important five, talking about the bans on Lent. Until now, most monks and clergy only drink water on this great day, and also traditionally spend the day in prayers.

The story of Holy Saturday

After the deceased Jesus was taken down from the cross, Joseph found the shroud, which he hid with his tortured body. He was left in a cave, because they knew that the disciples of Christ were eager to see the resurrection of their Master. Therefore, they sealed the grave and placed a guard at the grotto.

The shroud, on which the face of the Savior was imprinted, remained in the hands of the believers. It is the holy property of all Christians for more than 2,000 years.

Traditions and customs of Great Saturday

Many traditions are connected with the last day of Great Lent. Signs on Easter, Holy Week and Great Saturday will help you to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior, as was customary to do many centuries ago.

    On Saturday, in the temple according to custom, the shroud is carried out as a symbol of the Resurrection. It is believed that in Jerusalem the shroud is exactly the one with which Joseph hid Jesus.

The last day of Great Lent is already filled with joy, although strict prohibitions still apply. Many people who observe the strictest abstinence from food and pleasure enjoy the final days of fasting. If the last days are the hardest for you, then use our five ways to raise your spirits and regain your strength. Happy Easter to you, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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