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Friday 13th of July: ten will not be ignored

Friday 13th of July: ten will not be ignored

Friday 13th is one of the most dangerous days this month. Even in Russia at this time, our ancestors tried to be careful to avoid trouble and trouble. In this regard, there will be many signs and superstitions that remain relevant even in the modern world.

Friday 13 is considered to be a dysfunctional day. At this time, people are much more likely to face problems and troubles that can arise suddenly and entail a lot of negative consequences. Our ancestors called this day «witch» and attributed to it mystical properties, as a result of which folk omens appeared, including a number of prohibitions and warnings.

The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru offer you 10 signs, after learning of which you will be able to avoid the danger at this adverse time.

Important Signs for Friday 13

At the moment, many people continue to fear Friday 13, but some do not even know why this day has a mystical meaning. Religions are of the opinion that 13 is the number of the Devil, which is why even today it is considered unlucky. Facts and studies show that it was at this time that many natural disasters and mysterious catastrophes occurred, which resulted in both domestic troubles and death of people.

To protect yourself and your loved ones during this period, try to be more careful and do not neglect important signs.

  • Going on a long journey, each of us has fear and excitement, but on Friday 13 premonitions can be true. It is not recommended to travel at this time, especially if the journey is long. In this case, you risk spoiling the mood of annoying accidents on the road or even face troubles that could be dangerous to your life. If possible, try to postpone the trip to another day.
  • Many people are accustomed to move exclusively by car, but if you want to protect yourself, on Friday 13 it is better to completely abandon driving. Experience shows that it is during this period that the number of car accidents increases. If on this day you are forced to drive, try to be as careful as possible, do not get behind the wheel with a lack of sleep or in a restless state of mind.
  • Modern signs indicate that computer viruses are becoming more active on this day, because of which they can cause enormous damage to your computer. To avoid this, try not to visit questionable sites, do not open suspicious links. Ideally, during this period you should completely abandon the use of gadgets and the Internet. Simple communication with loved ones or the evening behind the book will give more positive emotions.
  • In the summer, gardeners are actively involved in planting and working in the garden. However, if you want the planted plants to grow healthy and bear fruit, it is not recommended to plant them on Friday 13.
  • Also, signs say that on Friday 13 it is impossible to have too much active fun, to collect noisy companies, accompanied by alcoholic beverages. It is believed that this day should be carried out calmly, because the noise can attract the attention of impure forces. In this case, you risk becoming their victim than incurring unhappiness.
  • The death of a person is a terrible grief, which on Friday 13 may result in another mourning event. According to the sign, if you come to the funeral on that day, you can soon find out again about death.
  • It has already been proven that on Friday 13 people become more emotional and aggressive, which is why you risk being in the middle of a conflict or becoming its main participant. However, if on this day you are trying to provoke a quarrel, try to resolve the situation as soon as possible, otherwise even the smallest conflict can turn into a serious nuisance.
  • According to accept, newlyweds married on Friday will always live in love and harmony. However, the wedding on the 13th is a bad sign. If your wedding is scheduled for this day, try to postpone it, otherwise your relationship will soon end with parting.
  • To avoid monetary difficulties, care should be taken in handling money at this time, refusing purchases and other financial transactions. In addition, on Friday 13 it is forbidden to give and borrow, otherwise you risk giving your happiness to another person or taking away his problems.
  • In many countries at this time, people try not to leave the house at all, ask for leave from work and postpone their business for a more favorable time. However, if you do not have such an opportunity, on the eve of Friday 13 you should visit the temple and attend the service. Sincerely ask the higher forces for protection, and then on this day, the troubles will bypass you.

Friday 13th is a mysterious day that still hides many mysteries in itself. But many believe that the rumors about the mystical phenomena occurring on this day are only fictions of superstitious people. Experience shows that the amount of trouble at this time is really growing, but you need to believe in your own luck, regardless of the date on the calendar.

To avoid the danger of July 13, try to prepare for this day in advance and find out what is strictly forbidden to do on Friday 13. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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