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Forbidding signs: what not to do to avoid trouble

Forbidding signs: what not to do to avoid trouble

Many will, originated in antiquity, and to this day are relevant. Thanks to popular wisdom, everyone can avoid trouble.

Popular wisdom is not only oral creativity, but also a good help in life. A huge amount will take and superstition is used in the modern world, helping people to get around the trouble and misfortune. The experts of the site dailyhoro.ru present to your attention a selection that will save you from trouble.

You can not say negative phrases in front of a mirror

According to folk beliefs, and in the opinion of esotericists and Feng Shui practitioners, mirrors are sacred objects that can let otherworldly entities into our world, turn our thoughts into reality and multiply what is being said. In this regard, in front of the mirror in no case can one say that you are unlucky, ugly, sick or poor. Mirrors absorb human energy, returning it to the real world a hundredfold.

You can not eat in front of a mirror

According to legends, a person chewing on food in front of a mirror runs the risk of losing memory.

Ladies eating near the mirror are at risk of losing their feminine appeal.

By eating, you can lure spirits out of the looking glass, which can bring illness and grief to you.

You can not look at the mirror at night

At night, otherworldly forces are particularly active, so looking in the mirror can provoke them into negative actions against you.

Looking in the mirror at night is dangerous and because of rapid moral depletion.

Why it is impossible to fall asleep well

This folk omen does not enjoy great relevance, however, summer residents and those who live in their homes should remember it. Wells at all times were considered not only a source of water, but also a symbol of wisdom. Next to the wells they left personal belongings to return to their father’s house from a long journey, the soldiers threw weapons into the wells in order to never again cause pain and suffering, and also not to return to war.

In this regard, to fill the wells for our ancestors was tantamount to calling a painful illness that can seize all the household.

You can not celebrate in advance birthday

Celebrating a birthday earlier than usual has always been considered a bad omen. It used to be believed that in this way a disease could be brought upon itself. This is due to the fact that a certain number of years are measured for a person, and he is not entitled to dispose of his will above.

Another interpretation of the signs associated with the patronage of deceased relatives. When transferring the date, they can be angry and deprive their descendant of the reliable protection of the Sort.

Can’t thank birthday in advance

According to popular belief, on the birthday of a person the angel protects, and the words of congratulations in advance can attract evil forces, which will take away the health of the birthday man.

Early congratulations can turn back all the good words, and the birthday boy will get all that you want him, exactly the opposite.

You can not eat forks at the commemoration

Accept, the soul of the deceased during the commemoration is among the invited guests. Sharp objects abundant on the table can cause her pain and suffering.

You can not sew on their clothes

Clothing worn before you leave the house can lead to problems on the road.

If you sew on buttons without taking off your clothes, you risk your financial well-being.

Sew on clothes — sew the mind. Our ancestors believed that after such manipulations a person becomes forgetful and absent-minded.

Can’t beat cats

For a long time, those who offend cats, risk incurring unhappiness. The black bar in life can last seven years.

By accepting one who unknowingly beats animals, risks being incarcerated, losing financial stability and good work.

Our ancestors believed that cats are messengers from above, and if they are mistreated, then after the death of the offenders, not the best afterlife awaits.

Can not be hit with a towel

According to one of the interpretations of omens, toweling can “pull” your secret intentions outwards.

If you beat a family member with a towel, then you run the risk of making yourself a lot of problems among the household.

To beat a pet with a towel — to financial losses.

You can not break eggs on the table

If you decide to break an egg on the table, then such an action is fraught with negative consequences: you are robbed or you yourself will become the cause of discontent of others.

Also in ancient times it was believed that by breaking eggs on a table, a person can break his good fortune.

You can not put an empty bottle on the table

An empty bottle on the table deprives the family of wealth and abundance and may entail financial difficulties.

An empty bottle is able to tighten the positive energy in itself, provoking scandals in the family.

In an empty vessel can live an evil spirit that will interfere with family happiness.

You can not put the bag on the table

The habit of putting a bag on the table can provoke family scandals. Ladies such action promises discord with a loved one, and men who put the purse, face financial insolvency.

Can’t knock on the table

Ancestors believed that knocking on the table — to call into the house of trouble. Knocking on the table can threaten minor troubles, as well as poverty.

You can not leave a knife on the table

The cutlery, forgotten by you on the table for a long time, is capable of attracting quarrels and disagreements to the family.

The knife forgotten for the night collects negative power, which is subsequently passed to you. This is fraught with both difficulties in life and diseases.

Also, our ancestors believed that the knife, forgotten at night, will not allow the family to rest easy. You can constantly wake up because of nightmares or not sleep a wink all night because of unconscious fear.

You can not wipe the table by hand

This action promises a person a complete lack of funds.

To wipe the crumbs with your hand — to constant spending and to sorrow.

You can not wipe the table with paper

The rustle of paper causes a noise similar to the sounds of a quarrel. If you wipe the table with paper, this action can lead to family scandals.

Also, our ancestors considered food as a gift from above. They believed that by rubbing the table not with a damp cloth, but with hard paper, you could hurt the Higher Forces.

You can not take out the garbage in the evening after sunset

Our ancestors considered the garbage accumulated by the family an indicator of wealth. Garbage disposal in the evening contributes to financial problems in the family.

Another reason for the ban — rampant evil in the dark. To prevent impure forces from harming themselves and their families, one should not give them anything from home. Otherwise, even a thing that you threw out can be cursed.

You can not wash the floor in the evening

The hostess, who decided to get away after sunset, can bring on the house of misfortune and evil spirits, which will harm all members of the household.

Washing the floors in the evening by our ancestors was equal to washing out the wealth and well-being of the family.

You can not mop the floor after leaving the guest.

By your actions, you block the way back for your guest to your home, and you doom him to trouble on the road.

If you wash the floor while your family member is going somewhere, you can click on it.

You can not wash the dishes if you are visiting

A seemingly sweet offer of help can turn into family problems. A girl who washed dishes at a party may forget about marriage for a long time.

Do not leave dirty dishes at night.

Unwashed cups threaten hostess gossip at her address. To an unmarried girl, such an attitude toward dishes might be a quarrel with a loved one.

Dirty dishes can attract a guest to the family that is unpleasant to you, as well as negative news and energy.

Cutlery, not washed for the night, promises the emergence in your life of an embittered person who is able to damage you.

Unwashed pots will entail an outflow of financial well-being.

You can spoil your personal life without having washed porcelain products behind you.

Conflicts in the family are waiting for a married woman.

If a stranger helps you, then his negative thoughts may remain in your home, disrupting the energy of well-being.

The kitchen was a sacred place for our ancestors, and if they needed help, then they would definitely pay a small coin to someone who helps to put things in order.

You can not eat with a knife

The one who eats with a knife will become angry and aggressive and will often pay for his “sharp tongue”.

Our ancestors believed that eating from a knife was to invoke their own stupidity.

Another interpretation of the signs says that a person who eats from a knife incurs illness. They can turn into a surgery.

Men such a «ritual» promised a reduction in life, and the girls predicted an evil husband. Pregnant women, eating with a knife, risked the health of their child.

You can not eat apples to Apple Savior

According to legend, eating apples to term can lead to illness and unhappiness in the family.

Ancestors believed that apples not lit in the church brought seven troubles, whereas after the Savior they bring only happiness and prosperity.

You can not put a hat on the table

Such action may entail poverty for the whole family. In addition, a hat on the table can provoke a robbery or theft of your car.

The habit of throwing a hat on the table can turn into a large number of quarrels, not only at home, but also at work, at an institute or school.

You can not pour through the hand

If you decide to pour something through the hand of a person sitting next to you, then, according to you, you and your loved ones bring you a series of failures.

Do not give curtains

Accepting the curtains from a stranger, you can get under its negative impact.

If you give the curtains, then you are waiting for financial difficulties.

Also, by accepting the curtains cast by you, can provoke evil gossip about your family.

You can not celebrate the fortieth anniversary

According to the sign, for women the holiday can turn into a punishment from above. They will lose their charm, beauty and mind.

Men can pay with health and financial well-being.

Our ancestors compared the number forty with the words “quarrel” and “rock”, therefore, we tried to avoid celebrating such an ambiguous date in order to avoid conflicts and a black band in life.

You can not pass children across the table

Our ancestors believed that babies passed through the table or placed on the tabletop, slowed down in development. The strong energy of furniture slowed down not only the physical but also the mental development of the baby.

Another interpretation is related to the other world. The transfer of a child through the table could attract impure forces that would be sent to the child of the disease.

You can not sit on two chairs

Our ancestors avoided sitting on two chairs in order to avoid uncertainty about the future and not to incur misfortune. It can also provoke greed, which will result in large losses.

You can not sit on a pillow

Sitting on a pillow can provoke both illnesses for the person sitting, and deprive him of the favor of the capricious Fortune. The exception is the newlyweds. They are put on pillows during the celebration, so that the young family will quickly get on their feet and not have any financial difficulties.

You can not sit on the table

Our ancestors respected the table as a place where the whole family gathers. Blasphemous sitting on the table, according to belief, threatens with troubles and even serious diseases.

The girl sitting on the table risked never getting married or finding a spouse who would not respect his wife.

Sitting on the table reduces financial opportunities.

Do not cross your legs

Crossing legs, according to our ancestors, was a source of health problems. Also, such a habit can cause in a person the desire to quarrel with the household.

You can not look at the moon

Ancestors did not advise to look at the Moon, since a person could become extremely weeping and susceptible to any troubles. And this behavior, in turn, could violate the natural protection of man, making him prone to the evil eye.

«Watching the moon — do not sleep at night, do not eat the day.» So they talked in ancient times, forbidding girls to admire the night light, so as not to provoke contention with their loved ones, especially if they were planning a wedding.

You can not sleep on two pillows

Sleeping on two pillows — to declare the fate of their independence. Good luck can turn away from you.

If one of the spouses sleeps on two pillows, then the family cannot avoid a severe scandal that could turn into a divorce.

If you dreamed that you were sleeping on two pillows, then wait for financial difficulties.

You can not sleep feet to the door

Sleep with your feet in the direction of the doorway — to nightmares and poor sleep.

Our ancestors believed that a living person who decided to go to bed in this way risks not waking up.

You can not shoot sleeping people

The human soul during sleep may not be in the body. Scare it with a bright flash or sound — expect trouble.

Sleeping children are more likely to be attacked by evil forces, so shooting or photographing is prohibited. Before the lack of technology, our ancestors tried not to show anyone to a sleeping child, so that they would not jinx it.

Can’t kiss in eyes

Such kisses can lead to separation from your loved one.

Also kisses in the eyes can send health problems to a person.

Many will, existing and continuing to form, help us cope with the difficulties of life. Even those who do not believe in omens should use the wisdom of their ancestors. So you can keep comfort in the house, get well-being and avoid disease. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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