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Folk signs: if there were spiders in the apartment

Folk signs: if there were spiders in the apartment

Many people, seeing a spider at home, feel fear and horror. Dislike of these insects most likely comes from childhood. In many tales and legends, spiders are closely associated with evil force, villains. They are associated with dark basements, closets and dungeons.

But is it worth being afraid of these little insects, and what does the appearance of the spider mean in the house? To do this, turn to national signs and superstitions.

If the spider appeared in the apartment

  • To see a spider at home is considered a good sign. The appearance of this insect promises quick success and prosperity.
  • If the spider fell on your head, do not be afraid — this is a sign that you will soon have an unexpected cash profit. Also the profit promises and casual falling of a spider on a hand. This is a sign that soon the money will go into the hands.
  • If you see a spider next to you going down the web, then this is also a good sign, meaning good news. According to another version, the spider on the web promises the arrival of guests. In order to find out the exact prediction, you must take the cobweb in your hand and say: «The spider-spider, up to the guests, down to the news.» If the spider began to climb up the web, then wait for the guests, if down — wait for the news.

Bad signs about spiders

  • In most cases, spiders bring good predictions. But there are bad signs about these insects.
  • Saw a spider at night — wait for trouble.
  • If the spider wove a web over the bed, it means that a person will suffer a setback or illness.
  • Bad luck is considered to kill a spider. But there is also a version that killing this insect, you get rid of forty sins. But you pay a certain price for it. For example, the atonement of sins occurred only as a result of unhappiness in life — sickness, loss, etc.

To believe or not to believe in national signs and superstitions is your business. But in any case, if the neighborhood with the spider is unpleasant for you, do not kill him — just throw him out the door. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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