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Folk signs: if the thread is stuck to clothes

Folk signs: if the thread is stuck to clothes

It is believed that if a thread is stuck to the clothes, then this means something. If you believe the national signs, then every little thing is worthy of our attention, as it is a sign of destiny. What does sign mean — sticky thread to clothes?

Significance of signs about sticky thread to clothes

This sign has several meanings. For example, for unmarried girls, the thread on their clothes promises a meeting with a future lover. In this case, looked at the color of the thread. If the thread is dark, the husband will be a brunette, if the light one is blond or blond.

If the girl wanted to know the name of the future spouse, then she would wind the thread on her ring finger. Each turn around the finger corresponded to the letter of the alphabet. On which letter the thread will end, the first or last name of the beloved will begin on that letter.

It was possible to find out in the same way whether her young man loves the girl. To do this, you also need to wind a thread around your finger and say: “he loves — he does not love”. On what option will end the thread, such are the feelings of the groom towards the fortunate girl.

Also on the thread on the clothes you can diagnose your energy state. If the thread is stuck to clothes, it means that the attention of the Universe is drawn to you. That means you are attracting something.

This can be both negative and positive. If failures have been haunting you lately, it means that all bad things stick to you. This is a sign that means you need to change something in your life. Consider the old adage: like attracts like.

Get rid of the thread in this case — burn it with the words: “all the bad is from me, all the good is to me”.

There is another interpretation of this folk omen. By sticking to the clothes you can find out your future. To do this, pay attention to its color.

  • Black thread — to trouble.
  • White — to an unexpected meeting.
  • Green thread — to the money.
  • Blue thread — to tears and frustration.
  • Brown thread — to a serious conversation.
  • Yellow — good luck.
  • Red thread — for love or a date.
  • Multi-colored thread promises a change for the better.

The thread that you took off your clothes should not be thrown away. If something good is poured over it, then it is better to save it until the prediction is fulfilled. If folk omen predicted you trouble, then it is worth throwing this thread and forget that she told you. So how best to believe in good omens.

After all, everyone knows what you believe, it happens! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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