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Folk signs: if it itches

Folk signs: if it itches.

Fate often gives us signs and warns of future events. There are a number of folk signs that these signs of fate appear in our lives and try to convey important information to us. Often we think about why the left hand or the nose suddenly began to itch. All this is no accident.

And what foretells such signs, find out right now.

There are signs that if itching, then it promises either profit or loss of money. This is not entirely true. According to superstition, if the right hand is scratched, then it is necessary to greet someone.

As a rule, this heralds a meeting with a man whom you have not seen for a long time. If the left hand is scratched, it is to parting. It is likely that soon you will have to lose contact with a loved one for a long time.

If your left hand is itching — this is a loss. This folk omen may portend theft, a speedy crisis, loss of money, debts. In this case, touch the palm is not recommended.

The more you work harder and harder, the more money you lose.

If the right palm is itching — this is to profit. You will receive a quick receipt of money, a big win, a valuable find, a return of debt and so on. With the help of this signs you can attract money.

To do this, scratch your right palm properly, then profits will follow faster and in much larger quantities.

Will take a lot associated with the nose. There is an opinion that if it scratches your nose, then it is to drink. You will find a feast with lots of alcohol.

Even if you do not plan to drink on this day, it can happen anyway. The nose feels everything and does not deceive in such things as alcohol. This fact may also mean that you will be beaten or scolded.

To sign in this case did not come true, ask a loved one to click on your nose, then nothing terrible will happen.

If the nose is itchy from the side, then this is to the news. What kind of news it will be — good or bad — the popular wisdom, alas, is silent about this.

If itching or burning cheeks — this means that someone thinks about you, and the thoughts of this person are not the best in relation to you.

Itching left eye — this is a sign of tears. If the right eye is itchy, for joy or good news.

If itching — This is either to the news, or to change the weather. Earlobes are scratched — to heat, if you were born in summer or spring; to cold, if you were born in winter or autumn.

If it itches under your knees — for a short trip. This sign, as a rule, heralds a long journey, a business trip or a trip.

Scratched left foot — you will be idle soon. This sign foreshadows a carefree life. If it hurts the right foot — it is to the hassle, problems and bustle.

It is likely that you will soon be spinning like a squirrel in a wheel.

Scratched upper lip — you will kiss. The lower lip itches — to a serious conversation.

Itchy tongue — Bad sign. This is a warning that it is time to stop gossiping and intrigue.

Eyebrows itch to the meeting. The right brow predicts a meeting with a friend or a friend. Left eyebrow — to meet with the enemy or envious.

Itchy chin — to an important decision. This sign-tip, which helps to make a decision or make a choice. If you are thinking about what to do, and suddenly your chin has been struck, then do exactly what your heart prompts you.

To take these folk omens seriously or jokingly, you decide. However, if you watch their performance, then we can conclude that more such superstitions always come true. And so that only good signs surround you, do not forget to press buttons and

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