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Folk signs: how to attract luck with the help of the Moon

Folk signs: how to attract luck with the help of the Moon

About the moon in ancient times a large number of take. Our ancestors endowed the Earth satellite with magical power. The moon was both God and helper and soothsayer.

Let us recall the most popular signs and superstitions about the moon and find out their meaning.

Why not look at the moon

Our ancestors were afraid to look at the moon, especially when it was full. There is a belief that the moon in the full phase can attract misfortune, sickness and disaster to a person. The moonlight was considered very dangerous, so people generally tried not to look at the clear sky at night, so as not to cause trouble.

Moonlight since ancient times is considered dangerous for the beauty of women. Going to bed, the woman had to make sure that in a dream, no moonlight rays would fall on her face through a window. If the moon in a dream shines on a woman’s face, she will lose her attractiveness.

Moon signs during pregnancy

In the old days, a pregnant woman was tried at night to protect her from moonlight. It was believed that if in a dream the Moon would shine on her, the child would be born mentally retarded.

On the lunar calendar, it was possible to determine which child will be born. For example, if a child is born in the period of the waning moon, then the child will often get sick and will not live long. If the child is born in the period of the growing Moon according to the calendar of the lunar phases, it will be healthy and strong.

If a baby is born on a full moon, this is a bad omen. Our ancestors believed that at full moon, devilry is especially active and can endow a person born with a difficult fate or, even worse, a demonic character. Such a child grows moody, aggressive and cruel.

Lunar calendar fishing

Many fishermen still determine the bite on the phases of the moon. During the growing moon, it is customary to fish at night or simply put gear on for the night. On the waning moon, according to the old sign, the fish is most active during the day.

How to attract luck with the help of the moon

It would not have been afraid of our ancestors of the moonlight, but still many used it to attract good luck and money. Before the new Moon, you definitely need to bow and take off your hat — then the whole month you will be pursued by good luck in business.

There are many cash signs associated with the moon. If you put a wallet with money on the rising Moon on the windowsill, it will attract money luck. And if on the last day of the waning moon sweep the floor in the whole house and immediately take out the garbage outside, then this month you will be lucky with money.

In order to be lucky in love, in the evening of the full moon, a girl needs to weave a wreath of herbs and flowers and hang it on the window on the back side, or on the front door. It is considered a good sign if the wreath is lost the next day. This means that soon the girl will find her love and marry.

Another way to attract luck is to dive into the pond at the new moon. According to folk signs, in this way one can purify one’s soul and body from negative energy, heal from diseases and gain strength.

The worst signs and superstitions about the moon

If you see the red moon, then wait for serious trouble. Anything can happen to you. To smooth out the meaning of this superstition, spit three times over your left shoulder and worship the Moon three times.

Never point your finger or hand to the moon. This is a bad sign, promising failure and disease. And if you do it in the feather full moon of the year, then the whole year you will suffer and suffer.

To use the magic of the moon to your advantage, avoid trouble and attract luck, often look into the lunar calendar. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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