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Folk signs: how to attract good luck with the help of a ring

Folk signs: how to attract good luck with the help of a ring

Many of us wear rings as jewelry, without even knowing what kind of magic and power they possess. Since ancient times, the ring was considered a talisman and a symbol of power. There are many folk signs about the rings, following which, you can attract good luck and protect yourself from the hardships of life and the dangers.

If you wear this jewelry, then you need to find out about what energy is in it, and what you can gain with it.

According to popular superstition, the ring, inherited from the mother, has a powerful magical protection. It can protect from misfortunes and help in the resolution of complex life problems. It was believed that such a ring can attract love and good fortune, as well as protect against detractors and envious.

If the ring is passed from generation to generation, then it has generic strength. Such decoration can not be transferred to someone who has no family ties with its past owners. If it turns out to be in a stranger, it can draw trouble to him.

If you got a ring from the deceased, then before wearing this jewelry, be sure to consecrate it in the church. There is a sign that personal belongings, and especially jewels, of dead people carry dead energy in themselves, which can negatively affect a living person.

Found ring should not be worn. It is endowed with someone else’s energy, which can badly affect the life of someone who found it and put it on the finger. It is better to sell such a find, and it is better not to touch it at all, since in some cases, by touching another’s ring, you may become a victim of damage.

Great importance was attached to the people wedding rings. Rings that are exchanged between the bride and groom at a wedding are considered symbols of unity and love. They are designed to protect family life from all adversity and difficulties.

There is a national sign, according to which, you cannot give your wedding ring to anyone to measure, otherwise family life will become unbearable.

If the engagement ring is lost, then it foreshadows a speedy separation from your loved one.

If a ring falls during a wedding ceremony, this is a very bad omen. It has long been believed that this is a prediction of the imminent divorce or death of one spouse.

Well-being in family life newlyweds will bring rings, inherited from their parents. But only if they survived to the silver wedding.

After a divorce, it is not possible to wear wedding rings, otherwise you can be left alone forever.

Wedding rings that have been melted down are not recommended for young people. Otherwise, the newlyweds may bring on their family troubles and diseases.

Also, do not wear rings with cracks and flaws. If the ring has lost its original appearance, it means that it has also lost its strength. This means that such a decoration cannot bring anything good, so it is better to get rid of it.

The bride can not wear a wedding ring on the glove, it will bring her misfortune and tears in the marriage life.

It is believed that wedding rings will bring well-being to the newlyweds only if they are made of gold, without engraving and stones.

Do not underestimate the magic of the ring. Not for nothing this thing since ancient times was considered a symbol of power, power and protection. In difficult moments, the ring can protect from dangers, help in solving the problem and give strength.

Believe in the power of your ring, ask him for help, and then it will attract good luck to you. And so that Fortune will always follow you, do not forget to click on the buttons and

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