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Folk signs for May

Folk signs for May

Since ancient times, national signs of the weather and events predict our future. Knowing the meaning of May signs, you will be able to properly manage time and attract good luck and well-being this month.

In the people of the month of May, there are several other names that reflect its essence. May is called “pollen” and “equal”, since it is at this time that green shoots are shown, the leaves are revealed in the trees and the first wildflowers bloom.

People signs devoted to the month of May were passed down from generation to generation and were meticulously collected by narrators. The most faithful of the signs came to us, to tell a little more about the final spring month.

  • The warm beginning of May — to the cold at the end of the month.
  • If May is rainy, there will be a good grain harvest.
  • A lot of cobwebs fly in grass — summer will be hot.
  • A lot of birch sap was collected on May 11 — by the cold summer.
  • Cold May is a fertile year.
  • The blooming bird cherry brings cold.
  • Many frogs in May — do not expect a good harvest.
  • Early mountain ash blossomed — to a short autumn.
  • «Fiery» dawn — to cold.
  • A flock of swallows has flown — we must wait for the first thunderstorms.
  • Birds on the south side nest — you have to wait for a cold summer.
  • Pale moon on the night of May — to the morning cold.
  • Cranes flew early — to a hot and arid summer.
  • If thunder during a thunderstorm quickly fell silent — to the fast sun.
  • A lot of cuckoo cuckoo — summer will be hot.
  • Who does not work in May, he does not eat in February.
  • Birds used to start singing earlier than usual — a sign of quick happiness.

  • Midges in clouds «hang» — the day will be warm.
  • An apple tree has blossomed — there will be a noble fish catch.
  • Dry May — to rainy and cold summer.
  • In the evening, the fire goes out as if by itself — to a strong wind.
  • As water lilies appeared on the water, there will be no more colds.
  • Butterflies do not appear in May — by a very cold summer.
  • You will play the wedding in May — you will be in trouble all your life.
  • In the dew on May 6, swim — health for a year to gain.
  • Nettle drink on May 8 — exorcise exorcism.
  • On May 20th, it is imperative to expose the water in the sun: you wash your face with such warm water — you will drive away all the sickness from yourself.

  • If May 28 is a warm and sunny day, then summer will be warm. If it is raining or cold, then you can not wait for the heat in summer.
  • May 9, start a new business — fail to call.
  • In late May, a great fortune to find coins on the road: such a discovery promises wealth.
  • The oak before the ash has unfolded the leaves — by the warm summer and a good harvest, and the ash before the oak — by the cold and “hungry” autumn.
  • In May, to collect herbs — gain health.
  • The bird on the windowsill May 11, the village — to the disease.
  • Dogs on May nights howl for a long time — to bad weather.
  • As the bird cherry blossoms — a nibble will begin.

Our ancestors noticed and passed on the accumulated wisdom to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It is preserved in the national signs for every day, helping to live happily. We wish you a warm May and only a good mood. Be happy, smile more often and do not forget to press buttons and

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