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Folk signs about the wedding dress

Folk signs about the wedding dress

With the wedding associated a lot will. The most common are known to most people, and some are almost forgotten or not so long ago moved to us from other cultures.

Signs about the dress of the bride

A wedding dress should be new: if it is taken from someone, you can adopt the fate of the family life of another couple, but it does not necessarily turn out to be happy.

For a long and strong marriage, a wedding dress is believed to be best preserved. For the same reason, it is best for the bride to be at the wedding, not in a separate corset and skirt.

There is a belief that the bride should not see herself in full attire before the wedding, so it is recommended to look in the mirror, for example, without gloves.

In an inconspicuous place on the dress, usually from the inside, make either a few blue stitches or pin a pin. Through the wedding dress you can damage, and thus the bride can protect herself.

To correct the wedding dress on the bride outsiders should not: it is believed that otherwise they will interfere in the privacy of the bride and groom.

If the dress has buttons, then their number must be necessarily even.

According to superstition, a wedding dress should never be worn over legs. Only through the top and first of all the head is pushed and then only hands.

The longer the wedding dress, the longer will be the joint marriage life. Therefore, it is not advisable to choose a wedding dress above the knee.

It is considered a positive sign that a woman, who has been happily married by this time for more than seven years, has been wearing a dress in a bride. To the bride, this also ensures happiness in marriage. It is bad if the girl who is her namesake helps the bride to dress.

To measure a dress and in general any part of the bride’s wedding wardrobe is considered a superstitious bad sign: this is how one can bring discord to the future family.

Signs about other parts of the bride’s wardrobe.

Underwear must be white. The white color at the wedding reflects the purity and innocence of the bride, therefore, it is preferable that both the dress and the linen on her are white.

Shoes, it is desirable to choose without laces and always with a closed nose. If there are no buckles on the shoes, this ensures easy delivery.

Veil and boutonniere, as it is believed, can not be given to anyone: they should be stored as a relic for the family well-being of the couple.

Jewelry on the bride should be jewelry and in no case pearls. Pearls are considered to be a stone of tears, so it can attract grief to the family.

A bride’s bouquet and a garter, if the groom is going to throw it, must be made extra, especially in order to give it to the lucky and lucky woman. The bride should not part with the bouquet from the groom, but you can make two garters: on the left foot — for guests, and on the right foot — for a happy life and for the wedding night.

Remember that omens and superstitions act only when you believe in them. It is not necessary to deny yourself something if you are not superstitious. I wish you happiness and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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