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Folk signs about the weather: what will be the summer

Folk signs about the weather: what will be the summer of the year

Soon the long-awaited summer will come! Of course, we all hope that the weather in the summer of the year will be warm and sunny. According to forecasts of meteorologists, the weather will be unstable: the heat will be replaced by clouds and showers.

And what do people say about the weather?

Those who trust the national signs and superstitions, know that the weather for the summer must be determined long before its occurrence.

Usually, it is determined by three church holidays — Baptism, Annunciation and Easter. Let’s remember the national signs of the weather and find out what the summer of the year will be.

Signs for Baptism (January 19)

According to it, if the sky is clear at baptism, then the spring will be early, the summer is warm, and the “Indian summer” will be long. on the baptism was sunny weather, even though it was freezing cold. Spring this year really came early.

It remains only to wait for the hot summer and lingering autumnal warmth.

On the night before Epiphany, it was possible to learn about the rains for the summer. To do this, looked at the phase of the moon. This year, Baptism fell on the waning moon.

This means that there will be no particularly heavy showers this summer.

Signs on the Annunciation (April 7 of the year)

People said that what would be the weather at the Annunciation, so would be the summer. This year, the weather at the Annunciation was warm enough.

In the morning it was the sun, but in the evening it still rained. All this suggests that all summer will be sunny, and rains are scheduled only in August.

Signs for Easter (April 20 of the year)

On this day, our ancestors usually determined not the weather, but what the harvest would be. «The sun is playing, the sky is clear — the harvest and the summer are red.»

All day Easter was clear weather. This suggests that the summer of the year will be warm and sunny. But it is very likely and rains, as the harvest without good rain rich does not happen.

The Sun «plays» at Easter — the summer will be hot, but with thunderstorms.

If the weather is cloudy at Easter, the summer will be cold and rainy.

If you believe the national signs, the weather in the summer of the year will be warm, clear with occasional rains. Let us hope that this summer will really be remembered by the good weather and the bright sunshine over our heads! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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