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Folk signs about the weather in August: calendar of beliefs for every day

Folk signs about the weather in August: calendar for the days of the month

According to national signs, rainy weather in the first days of the last month of summer foreshadows overcast and inclement August, and sunny and warm — late autumn. To predict the weather for September, October and December, one should pay attention to the behavior of birds, plants, celestial bodies and other external circumstances.

The amount of precipitation can predict what the harvest will be next year and what to expect in the winter.

The August calendar will take on the weather by day for the first week of the month as follows:

  • 1 — if on the first day of August it is hot and dry outside, autumn will be long and without rain;
  • 2 — after Il’ina of the day the night becomes long and cold;
  • 3 — if the storm rattles at this time, then the autumn will drag on for a long time;
  • 4 — abundant dew on Maria foreshadow a meager harvest of flax;
  • 5 — creeping evening fog promises clear and warm weather; if the morning dawn quickly went out, then a strong wind is promised;
  • 6 — a morning light rain promises a fine and warm day;
  • 7 — if the frost falls on Anna, the winter months will be fierce and long. Rainfall on this day foreshadows a snowy December.

Folk signs about the weather in August: calendar of beliefs for every day

For the period from August 8 to 14, the following signs are characteristic:

  • 8 — if on Yermolaya cold dew, the day will be prolonged thunder;
  • 9 — if the ants close up the entrance to the nest, then heavy rain will soon begin;
  • 10 — abundant dew in the morning promise a fine day;
  • 11 — on Kallinika warm weather foreshadows sunny on September 5;
  • 12 — The rainy day of the Force promises the same weather for the coming week;
  • 13 — if there are many cobwebs, then the heat will persist for a long time;
  • 14 — on the Honey Saved rain — you can not sow rye in the field. The roses fly around the petals — it will soon become colder.

Folk signs about the weather in August: calendar of beliefs for every day

For the period from August 15 to August 21, the following beliefs are characteristic:

  • September 15 — September weather can be determined by the day of Stepan Senoval: it rains — the first month of autumn will be slushy and wet, the sun shines brightly — September is expected to be sunny and serene;
  • 16 — the wind blew from the south — to heavy snow and snowstorms in January and February; the weather conditions of this day determine the air temperature and the amount of precipitation in October: rainfall — to heavy rains in October, frosts — the second month of autumn will be gloomy and cold, clear on the street — to stable warm weather in mid-autumn;
  • 17 — Evdokia is rainy — by a rainy November; sunny and warm — good weather will last for a long time;
  • 18 — on Zhitnik is dry — the first winter month will be with little snow;
  • 19 — the north wind will bring with it the autumn coolness; what the Apple Savior is, is the first month of winter;
  • 20 — summer farewell: Marina will pick up all the raspberries, so you need to pick berries up to this day; what Marina is like, and so is February;
  • 21 — a gentle breeze on Vetrogona foretells a warm September and October. ATThere will be no summer and cool Indian summer.

Folk signs about the weather in August: calendar of beliefs for every day

People signs for August 22-28 are as follows:

  • 22 — rainy Matvey means that the harvest will be poor; wind with whirls blows from the south — to a snowy and frosty winter;
  • 23 — Lawrence came and the water in the reservoirs cooled; hot on Lawrence — warm days are not soon replaced by coolness; calm water in the pond — September is expected to clear;
  • 24 — a generous harvest of nuts and a small collection of mushrooms promise heavy snowfall in December; according to signs, you should not drink alcohol on Basil to avoid a bitter fate and not to become addicted to alcohol;
  • 25 — drizzling rain — Indian summer will not come for long; warm and cloudless day — to a rich harvest of white mushrooms;
  • 26 — windy and overcast — by cold September; quiet wind — windy weather will stand a few more days; cranes fly off to warmer countries — sub-zero temperatures are promised in the middle of autumn; many mushrooms in the forest — for a generous harvest of bread;
  • 27 — the beginning of autumn leaf fall; Micah with bad weather — by rainy September; the wedding season begins on this date;
  • 28 — for Assumption of Heat — weather conditions will not change soon; a rainbow in the sky — for a long woman’s summer; spiders weave cobwebs — December will be snowy, but without severe frosts.

If at the end of summer the trees are covered with a thin layer of frost in the morning, then next year people will gather a generous harvest of grain and vegetable crops.

Signs on the last days of the summer month are as follows:

  • August 29 — people celebrate the Savior, called the Grain; if the birds fly high in the sky, gathering in flocks, there will be frosty and cloudy weather on the Protection of the Holy Mother of God; clear and cloudless — in early spring;
  • August 30 — what you sow on Myron, then you reap next year; the gusty wind on this day foreshadows steady warm weather, and cold and incessant indicates that it will soon become much colder;
  • August 31 — from the day of Flora and Laurels fall frosts begin. The sky is red at the morning sunrise — a strong wind will soon rise. Foggy morning — to the lovely day. If a horse snores in a stall, it means it will be overcast and wet. Sniffs and waves a mane — to heavy rainfall. Sow at the end of the summer — collect only weeds.

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