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Folk signs about shoes

Folk signs about shoes

If in the modern world it is possible to determine the taste and social status of a person by shoes, then since ancient times, shoes have been associated primarily with the vitality of a person. This is based on many popular signs and beliefs.

You can not keep old shoes at home

You should not keep shoes in the house that you don’t wear, and especially worn shoes — this is a disease.

Is it possible to repair shoes

Should you bring any shoes to a shoe repair shop or buy new ones? From the point of view of economy and rationalism — if the damage is insignificant, then you can even pay for it. However, from an esoteric point of view, this can lead to financial losses.

According to legends, damaged and worn-out shoes cannot bring happiness to their master, since her life span has passed.

If you put on your shoes wrong

If you accidentally put your right shoe on your left foot, and on your right left foot, this is a problem. To avoid the execution of this omen, put off this pair of shoes and put on another one.

Shoes and dead

It is believed that burying a person in high-heeled shoes is a bad sign. According to the sign, if a dead person lies in a coffin in heels, then for seven years he can take with him one of his relatives.

Brides shoes

At the wedding, the bride must have closed shoes, and in no case are not open sandals, otherwise happiness will escape through the holes. Closed shoes are necessary at the wedding even for the performance of the ancient ceremony, when the groom drinks champagne from the shoe of his beloved.

If the heel broke

Broken heel — be trouble. If the heel sways on the shoe, but it does not break yet, then this indicates the unstable position of the shoe owner.

If shoes creaks

Squeaky shoes suggests that its owner has offended someone greatly. According to another version, this promises a quick illness.

If there is a knot on the laces, then this is lucky. Do not untie him, walk with him at least a day. Keep shoes with tied laces, according to the sign, it is impossible, it promises injuries and problems with legs.

If you often torn shoelaces, it promises financial luck and easy money.

If the shoes are «asking for porridge»

The sole began to fall apart — a bad sign. This means that someone tried to influence you negatively, and the shoes took on this negative.

A shoe is one thing that contains energy information about its owner. So do not rush to change shoes with a girlfriend or measure someone’s new sneakers. In addition, any shoe leaves traces on the ground, thereby getting energy from the earth and sharing its energy.

So it makes sense sometimes to listen to some signs. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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