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Folk signs about haircut

Folk signs about haircut

Since ancient times hair has been attributed to a mystical meaning. In the people, hair is a source of strength and energy, which is why they tried not to cut their hair in order not to lose their strength. Until our time has come a lot of people will take about hair cutting, many of which are respected to this day.

What signs should be trusted, and what not?

When is it better to cut hair

According to folk signs, hair is best cut on the growing moon, then it will quickly grow and become healthier and thicker. If you get a haircut on the waning moon, the hair will grow very slowly.

Why pregnant women can not cut their hair

There is a sign that pregnant women are forbidden to cut their hair. This superstition is explained by the fact that the strength of a woman’s hair is contained in the woman’s hair and is very necessary during the child’s bearing. Trust this will not be worth it, because doctors only approve of a haircut during pregnancy.

Hair also needs care, especially in such a difficult period as pregnancy.

Why you can not cut your hair yourself

Cutting hair on yourself is a bad omen. If you cut your own hair, you can cut your own luck. It looks like a self-eyed person — you look at yourself in the mirror, at the same time you trim your hair and deprive yourself of energy protection.

Why not throw hair

According to folk omens and superstitions, throwing cut hair and hair from a comb into the street or leaving them in a public place is dangerous. Most likely, this prohibition is based on the fact that a large number of types of damage, love spells and other magical rituals are made on the hair.

Who should cut

Women are best to have a haircut at a female hairdresser, and for men — a male foreman. It is believed that if you cut the person of the opposite sex, it will attract failures on the love front.

To believe in these folk omens and superstitions about hair is your business. Do not forget that what you believe comes true most often! Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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