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Folk signs about cleaning

Folk signs about cleaning

Cleaning the house in the old-fashioned understanding of the people is not only getting rid of space from debris and dust, but also cleansing from negative energy and failures. How to clean up so that everything shines, and at the same time harmony and well-being appeared in the house? To find out, you can refer to national signs.

When you can not get out

There are many beliefs about when to get out is strictly prohibited.

  • You can not get out after sunset, otherwise you can sweep prosperity and health out of the house.
  • You can not get out when someone from close households are on the road. His cleaning can ruin his path. It was also previously forbidden to clean up on the day of departure of a family member — the road will not be.
  • It was not customary to do the cleaning after the departure of the matchmakers — the wedding may not take place.
  • You can not get out on big church holidays — it’s best to clean up a few days before the important date to celebrate the holiday in a clean house.

We clean the house and attract luck

If you go to the decreasing moon, then all the bad will leave the house. In addition, it is believed that in this period the dirt goes better.

Sweeping need from the farthest corner before the door to sweep away all the negative energy. But through the threshold of garbage can not be revenge — trouble can bring on.

You can not wash crumbs from the table by hand — there will be no money.

Previously, it was not accepted to clean up with the windows open., as in this case, a quarrel in the family may occur.

«You can not take out the garbage from the hut» — Now this expression has such a meaning: it is impossible for everyone to tell others about their family problems and what is happening in the house. Previously, this expression had a direct meaning. They always tried to burn the garbage in the furnaces, since they believed that it contained the energy of the house, and if it was left on the street, a negative person could easily send damage or the evil eye through it.

Vengeance should be a broom, if you sweep two brooms, then the good will run away in the corners.

You can not get out and cook at the same time, otherwise there will not be enough food in the house.

You can not cross the mop and a doormat, or even trouble can descend into the house. In order to attract good luck to the house and get rid of the negative energy of people coming to the house, after leaving the guests, shake the tablecloth on the street. There is even a popular expression about this sign — “good riddance”.

So they say when someone escorts.

Esotericists recommend during cleaning to set themselves up to the idea that along with dust and dirt all diseases, troubles and problems leave the house. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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