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Folk sign: what is itching nose

Folk sign: what is itching nose

According to national signs and superstitions, when something itches, burns or itches, it is interpreted as a sign or warning about an event. Why does the nose itch? Today, almost everyone who believes in omens can answer that it itches to drink.

But this is not always the case. This superstition has much more meaning than we think.

If the tip of the nose is itchy — this is to feast. It is believed that the nose smells everything that happens and will happen in the future. Especially well he feels the approach of the feast.

Nose can not be fooled! Even if you have not planned festivities and entertainment, and your nose still scratches, you should know: you will still drink.

It happens that the nose itches at the moment of the feast. What is it for? According to folk signs, this phenomenon means that the party will be long, and the next morning will be very difficult.

In this case, the nose seems to warn: do not drink a lot, otherwise then you will have a serious hangover.

In addition to alcohol, the nose feels fine money. As a rule, the tip of the nose may itch shortly before making a financial profit. Many have noticed that their nose is itching the day before they are paid.

If the whole nose is itchy, This is a bad sign. You will fight or quarrel. People said that if it scratches your nose, you will be beaten.

In the modern world, this popular omen often speaks of possible troubles related to people. You can quarrel with a loved one, you can expect reprimand from the boss, or you can really beat someone.

So that this omen is not fulfilled, today it is accepted to click on an itchy nose. So if your nose suddenly started itching, then ask someone to lightly strike at it, then you will not have to fight and clash with anyone.

If it scratches the nose, then this is to trouble. Wait for unforeseen circumstances that will give you a lot of trouble.

If it is itchy the left wing of the nose — you are waiting for unpleasant news. If itchy right wing — Waiting for you good news.

Do you believe in these signs and superstitions? As practice shows, the nose rarely deceives. This means that you should still listen to your feelings. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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