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Folk omens: how can your name influence fate

Folk omens: how can your name influence fate

Our ancestors believed that the name given to a person from birth, has a great influence on his whole future life. In ancient times, many signs will be associated with the names that have come down to our times. Let’s learn about the ancient signs associated with the names, and find out how the same name can influence fate.

There is a bad sign that there should not be people in the family with the same name. In no case should the newborn be given a name that is already carried by one of the family members, otherwise the guardian angel will not be able to protect them both. This means that one of the namesake could die.

Worse, if a family of three people have the same name. It was believed that the eldest, when he died, would take to the next world and the younger.

However, there is a belief when the same names in the family bring happiness. If a woman wants to give birth to a boy, but only girls are born to her, the last newborn she should be called by her name, then she will be able to conceive a boy.

There is an old sign, according to which the name of the deceased brings only misfortune. Quite often in large families there is a tradition to name newborns in honor of grandparents. Sometimes children are already named after deceased people.

Such a tradition, according to popular wisdom, will not lead to anything good. Our ancestors believed that a person could take over the character or even the fate of the person after whom he was named.

There is an old tradition — to give the child a second name. Often it has been practiced and practiced to this day at baptism. A child is named after the saint, and in the birth certificate they can be called a completely different name.

The name given at baptism is intended to protect the person. And the name recorded in the passport or in any other document, in fact, is intended to divert evil. It was believed that if you hide the baptismal name with another nickname, then the dark forces will not disturb the person.

But often people forget about their baptismal name and associate themselves with the one they are called by the people around them. In this case, the person loses touch with his guardian angel and becomes vulnerable.

There is a belief that the name can save in a difficult moment and even ease the pain. Our ancestors called for the help of their guardian angel, loudly calling themselves by name. In difficult times, a spoken name can help overcome fear, calm down nerves, pain, and also protect from an accident.

Now the fashion has become a tradition to change names and surnames. It should be said that our ancestors also changed their names, but not to be called more harmonious, as is customary in our time, but for some other reason. Changing the name can drastically change the fate of a person. However, resorted to changing the name only in exceptional situations.

Another name could save a person’s life and save him from damage, the evil eye and curses. He was often exchanged for children in families, where everyone died politely from spoilage or from the clan curse. If a person changed his name, then he changed his fate, and the magic did not act on him.

If something does not suit you in your life, and you sometimes do not know the reason for all the failures, then maybe you just need to change your name. When choosing a new name, it is important to pay attention not only to its harmoniousness, but also to its value, as well as to the associations it engenders in your thoughts. There is even a series of lucky names that can bring good luck to any person.

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