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Folk omens for the week before Easter

Folk omens for the week before Easter

Our ancestors noticed that a lot of amazing things were happening before Easter. With the help of folk signs, you will learn which signs from above should not be ignored in order to avoid serious difficulties.

The long-awaited Easter holiday is celebrated every year by believers on different days. In Russia, only the preparation for the great event was emphasized. In this connection, many popular signs and superstitions have appeared, most of which have been tested for centuries. Our ancestors believed that during this period the Higher Forces themselves give us signals about upcoming events, therefore it is extremely dangerous to ignore them.

Experts of the site dailyhoro.ru will tell you about the main signs of Passion Week.

People signs for Holy Week

Holy Week — the most severe period of Lent. At this time, people limit themselves to the usual entertainment, eliminate meat, fish and dairy products from their diets, actively prepare for Easter and observe folk signs.

The first preparations for Easter began at Great Monday. Was carried out general cleaning, sometimes combined with the repair. In order to clean up the house from the negative on this day, it is accepted to get rid of old and broken things.

If the weather will be sunny on Great Monday, then in the summer the harvest will be good.

Newlyweds married on Great Monday will live happily ever after.

Having washed on Monday with holy water, you will provide yourself with health for the whole year.

AT Great Tuesday believers continue to prepare for Easter and begin to think about festive dishes. If there were not enough products for cooking, then they were purchased on Tuesday.

If on Tuesday the weather is rainy, then the year will be cold and lean.

AT Great Wednesday believers remember the betrayal of Judah. On this day, it is customary to complete the preparations for Easter. One of the signs says that cleaning should end with the washing of windows and doors so that unclean forces cannot get into the house.

Most folk will take associated with Clean thursday. If by this day the family did not have time to complete the cleaning, the whole year in the house there will be quarrels and disagreements.

On Thursday, it is customary to bathe before dawn in order to have time to clean out of evil and get rid of negative energy.

If a seriously ill person is in the house, on Pure Thursday from the church you need to bring a candle and burn it at the head of the patient’s bed. The remaining wax should be buried in the courtyard of a neighboring house.

In order to preserve wealth and well-being in the house throughout the year, on Thursday it is customary to move furniture and recount money.

In Russia, girls who wanted to get married, cut their hair precisely on Maundy Thursday, and then before Easter, they kept it under a pillow.

Good friday — day of grief. To avoid trouble, in the morning you must say the prayer «Our Father.»

To keep babies healthy and strong, it is best to wean them on Good Friday.

If, on Good Friday, the first person you saw is a man, it means that you will soon have great luck.

According to the sign, the one who will wash on Good Friday will wash away all his health.

AT Great Saturday free time should be spent at prayer. Whoever has fun on this day will be crying all year.

On Saturday it is forbidden to borrow and lend money in order not to lose health, good luck and well-being.

On Easter the house must be clean for the whole year to be successful.

If, on Easter morning, the husband and wife embrace, they will live all their lives in love and harmony.

By this time, Lent has already come to an end, which means that, at Easter, you can finally please yourself and your loved ones with your favorite dishes. Red wine is allowed as a beverage, but it is forbidden to abuse the beverage.

In Russia, under the sound of Easter bells, it was decided to make a wish. A sign says that it can come true after exactly 33 days from the moment of Easter.

Anyone who throws food from the refectory table on Easter will be haunted throughout the year. It is advisable to bury the rest of the dishes in the yard of your house or feed them to the homeless.

Before we meet the Bright Resurrection of Christ, it is customary to observe Lent. During this period, there are many prohibitions and restrictions that every believer must take into account. However, most of the important church traditions are connected with the Great Easter.

In order not to anger the Higher Forces, spend this day correctly, without violating customs. We wish you happiness and love, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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