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Folk omens for the new year

Signs for the New Year and Christmas, in which people believe

Happy New Year is usually connected with new plans, new emotions, new dreams and, of course, the fulfillment of the most secret desires. Materialists, and they suddenly for a moment forget about their pragmatism and begin to believe in miracles.

Folk omens for the new year

Each person in whom the heart beats, under the chime of the bells, makes a wish and certainly wants it to be fulfilled as soon as possible. There are folk signs that can predict some future moments.

Of course, many do not believe in them, and skeptics call nonsense, but why not play a similar venture and not watch the execution will take in the coming year.

Forecasts, signs and reality

Most people believe that omens are still working. From the point of view of psychologists, this is called emotional tuning for a certain programming of behavior, they argue that this has nothing to do with miracles.

Astrologers tend to attribute come true to one or another location of the planets and stars. And the rest believe faith in omens superstition, sin, and many more than that.

The people have been filtering signs and their accomplishment for centuries, and in the end, we have the most verified. New Year’s holidays just provoke everyone and us on faith in omens.

Our apartments, houses, everyday life, city streets, become like some kind of fairy tale, and we try to believe in it, like fairy-tale heroes, traveling around holiday space. Situations arise, meetings that would not have occurred at another time, and we give them a mystical significance, believing that they are not accidental.

What can some signs tell a person, do they affect ho events and can you put a defense against negativity? About this and talk in the article.

New Year omens on the eve of the holiday

  • It is considered a good sign if you distribute debts before the New Year. This not only raises the festive mood, but also exempts from monetary obligations in the coming year.
  • Since ancient times, it was believed that the Christmas tree is the home of a good spirit, so people brought firs to the house and decorated the branches with what they wanted most. Usually, coins, sweets, images of desires were used. Under the tree, boxes were placed with candy and gingerbread to cajole the brownie.
  • Before the holidays, home cleanliness was always suggested, old things, broken and cracked dishes and mirrors were thrown away. Swept dust from their farthest corners of the house.
  • We tried to make good money for the holiday, so as not to remain “with the nose” in the future.
  • He did not give as gifts gifts related to fire: barbecues, lighters, skewers, fireplace sets. This could cause a fire in the future.
  • We tried to spend the old year on the eve of a magnificent feast so that all the troubles remain in the old year, doing something, pleasing the old year, honor for honor.

Folk omens for the new year

Signs of New Year’s Eve

  • Everyone knows the sign: if you make a wish for the chiming clock, it will come true. The most advanced people draw up a written message in a few minutes, burn it and throw ashes into a glass of champagne. If you have time to do this manipulation and swallow the ashes from a note to 12 hours, you can wait for the accomplishment of the plan.
  • Under the chimes, it is customary to kiss a loved one, which means that the couple will be together for a year.
  • Flappers play an important role in the New Year’s feast, the more clappers and firecrackers, the further evil and trouble will run away from your home.
  • Gift giving is a wonderful omen, suggesting that more friends will appear in the coming year.
  • The New Year’s Eve should take place in a new dress, but in no way a bitch can you borrow it, as well as jewelry when creating an image. The sign says that the meeting of the holiday in someone else’s clothes foreshadows debts.
  • Anyone who appears on your doorstep in the New Year should be welcomed cordially and with a smile, otherwise luck will leave your home for a year.
  • It is advisable not to work on January 1, otherwise you will have to work all year in the enhanced mode.
  • Specifically, in 2109 it is necessary to put a coin in your pocket in order to be in the money for the next months. But this sign concerns not only the Year of the Pig, knowledgeable people put money in their pockets annually.
  • Tying up the legs of the New Year’s table means — being a friendly family and not parting.
  • If during a feast on New Year’s Eve to scatter salt — fortunately.
  • It is advisable not to throw anything off the table, but to distribute to your friends or to finish. If done otherwise, other people’s problems may come and you will have to solve them.
  • But what you need to throw away, so this is a purified citrus. You can clean it at night and throw it away in the morning, preferably through the window.
  • A gift to a person in need is a very good sign, it will attract good luck.
  • Dreamed a New Year’s Eve dream, do not forget, it will open the secret veil for the future.
  • If after the New Year’s Eve you see a woman first — this is not good, a man fortunately.
  • If a girl wants to get married, you must take all the kings from the card deck and put it under the pillow. By the suit of the dreaming king determine the future groom.

Christmas signs

  • On holiday, light a candle on the window. This is a kind of beacon that helps families and friends to find a way to the house, to the family.
  • Festive dinner should consist of 12 different dishes.
  • On the top of the Christmas tree set Bethlehem star.
  • If during holidays, especially before Christmas, an animal, dog or cat was asked to you, you should not drive them, they are the personification of good luck. If it is not possible to take an animal, give it food, otherwise happiness and luck will wash you for a long time to leave.
  • All meetings and acquaintances at Christmas are not accidental, these people will play a certain role in your life.
  • Every find is a good sign, it represents prosperity and wealth, but the loss is better to avoid.
  • At all times it was considered a bad sign to break a mirror, and even more so at Christmas.
  • On Christmas Eve you can not kill animals.
  • Divination on Christmas Eve always told the truth, and they paid special attention. They wondered in the bathhouse, in the mountains, chose for this the most secret corners.

Folk omens for the new year

A little take on the old New Year

  • According to signs on the old New Year, it was also possible to determine how the next year will pass and what to reap from fate.
  • It is only necessary to get rid of the already dried Christmas tree through the door, while thanking her for the joy she gave.
  • Number 13 is better not to say this holiday and try to avoid this number in every possible way.
  • From January 13 to January 14 do not ring the trifle, leave this business until the next day.

Good advice

To make Fate more favorable to you and your loved ones, make gifts to everyone, albeit small and not expensive. These small gifts will cheer up and attract the favorable gaze of Fortune.

The more candles in your house during the holidays, the better. This is a symbol of light, warmth, goodness will attract Good and Heat, as well as give comfort to your friends and relatives.

Pamper your pets with sweets, do not shout at them, do not offend.

Tune in to generosity, generosity, it helps to forget about the problems at least for short holidays. And here we are not talking about material generosity, but about the soul.

Receive guests, go to your own family, visit your parents and wish only happiness and good to everyone. Holidays are a time of generosity, peace of mind and joy.

New Year signs in the year of the Pig

  • According to the eastern calendar, the year of the Yellow Earth Pig is coming on February 5th. All signs associated with the year 2019 are associated with the Chinese New Year.
  • If you see a live pig on January 1, it will be lucky.
  • You can not have on the table during the holidays dishes made from pork, it will bring a lot of negativity to the house and family.
  • Be sure to consider the number of appliances on the table and on those households who are currently unable to attend and are away.
  • Mandarins — one of the symbols of China must be on the table, and after the end of the celebration it is necessary to give each guest two mandarins. The words «gold» and «mandarin» in Chinese sound almost the same.
  • Every minor child must receive from the adult a red bag in which the coin will lie.
  • Dresses to celebrate this year should be yellow or golden hue, then the Pig will be favorable to everyone and will give a lot of happiness and joy.
  • It is also necessary to create a festive atmosphere in an apartment or house; the more gold tinsel it will be when meeting the New Year, the better. Decorate not only the room where there is a festive table, but also other rooms. Your home will become the center of attraction for positive energy for the coming year, if candles burn in it, a living tree in gold tinsel will stand, Bengal lights and fireworks will burn. A pig loves when it is paid a lot of attention, therefore, the more accurately the recommendations are implemented, the higher the guarantee of attracting good luck. So say the Chinese and other Eastern peoples.

Folk omens for the new year


Despite the fact that most people do not believe in omens, on New Year’s Eve the situation changes radically. Adults for some time turn into children, try to do everything so as not to cause misfortune or failure.

Superstition and omens — delicate matter, they can be believed or disbelieved, adhere to the advice of palmists and forecasters and ignore them. But thoughts are embodied in reality, if you firmly believe in our plans and program it, connecting the entire internal reserve.

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