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Folk omens for September

People signs for September of the year

The beginning of autumn for our ancestors was a significant period. At this time it was the Indian summer that was beloved by the people, which made it possible to enjoy the warm days before the harsh winter and have time to collect the gifts of nature.

In September, the weather changes, nature prepares for a meeting with frosts. Due to their observation, our ancestors have compiled a detailed calendar that will take on days that will be interesting in the modern world with its often unpredictable climate changes.

September signs

  • Thunder peals this month — to the warm autumn and mild snowy winter.
  • Dry September pushes winter.

  • Abundant cobweb in the period of Indian summer — to the icy winter and cold autumn.
  • Abundant and rapid leaf fall — a harsh and snowy winter with blizzards and blizzards. Prepare equipment for cleaning snow drifts.
  • A rich harvest of acorns promises a lot of snow during the Christmas holidays.
  • Birch yellows from below to late autumn, from above — to early.
  • Unhurried and sonorous departure of cranes in September foreshadows a nice autumn.
  • September 1, today’s weather reflects the weather of the entire month.
  • September 2, a bountiful harvest of mountain ash suggests that autumn promises to be rainy.
  • On September 3, the wind from the south blows heat, and the west blows rain. The wind from the north promises quick frosts.
  • September 4th the sun shines — autumn is warm. If there are many mushrooms in the forest, then there are few fish in the rivers.

  • On September 5, fog in the evening speaks about the fine days, and the early departure of cranes calls for preparation for an early winter.
  • On September 6, at night, the rain had passed — the bad weather with them was stolen. Clear night — warm in the day.
  • On September 7, it will begin to rain late in the evening — it will not weep until the dawn.
  • September 8 look at the leaves of oak. If the leaves on it did not fall off, it means they were preparing for an icy winter and stored firewood.
  • On September 9, low-flying cranes without habitual gurgling carry bad weather on their wings.
  • On September 10, if a lot of nuts ripen in the forest, and there are few mushrooms, then winter will be harsh. Bad weather the next day foreshadows a crimson or scarlet sunset.
  • September 11 migratory birds to the south stretch — winter comes on their feathers.
  • September 12, to a warm winter, molting occurs in poultry. The abundance of cobwebs on plants speaks of fine days.

  • September 13 dandelions flourish — a warm winter promise.
  • September 14 is a bad weather on this day — dry autumn before winter. Clear weather — to slush and frost.
  • September 15th red sunset in the cold weather is rich. Anyone who does not have time to translate the bird to the wintering place will be left without eggs in winter.
  • On September 16, in the morning, fog spreads over the ground to clear and calm weather.
  • On September 17, the rain quickly passed — wait for three more rains.
  • September 18, collected rowan in the forest. If it is not enough, then autumn will not be rainy.
  • September 19, frost on the grass to the rapid snow, snowy winter and blizzards.
  • September 20, low bird years speaks of a harsh winter. Easy high flight and call of birds — to mild weather and thaws in the middle of winter.
  • September 21, the hare changes its coat for winter. If turned white — wait for the snow.
  • September 22 mosquitoes in the balls above the ground are going to a warm winter.
  • September 23, a long web in the air foreshadows a long autumn.
  • September 24 a lot of mushrooms — a lot of snow. The heaps of aspire to the sky — ants warm themselves to the harsh winter.
  • On September 25, they looked at the aspen — if the leaves tremble in the wind, they rise to the top, and the ice is waiting for the winter.

  • September 26 snake crawled into the hole — frost approaching.
  • September 27, geese fly high to a large flood in the spring.
  • September 28, cranes gathered in a wedge, wait for the frost in three weeks.
  • September 29, grain rodents store up — they meet the cold winter.
  • September 30 frost on the grass — Pokrov in the snow.

People signs reflect not only weather conditions. With their help, you can attract happiness and well-being into your life. Use the knowledge of our ancestors, so that every day was filled with joy and positive. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the en buttons and

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