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Folk omens for November

People signs for November of the year

Many accidents occur in our lives for a reason. In order not to miss the important signs that fate gives you, find out the signs for November.

Signs that many people still believe in are often not fictional. People over the years have watched events occurring on certain days, so they learned to notice signs warning of happy events or troubles. Of course, to believe in omens or not is everyone’s business, but sometimes pay special attention to certain accidents.

Who knows, maybe this is the next signal of fate.

In Russia, November was called “sheet metal”: it was believed that at this time winter was already giving the first signs. Fall leaves have passed, it was getting colder, everyone was waiting for the first snow. It is not surprising that a lot of accidents occurring around warned about what kind of weather awaits people in the near future.

The experts of the site dailyhoro.ru prepared a list for you to take on every day, so that, going out into the street or even being at home, you could not miss anything important.

November signs for every day

Nov. 1 — farewell autumn. Since ancient times in Russia in the beginning of November they were seeing off the autumn. It was believed that if November 1 was very cold, it means that the cold frosts would not be so strong.

  • If this day is very dirty, it means that winter will not come soon.
  • If you see migratory birds that fly low, it means there will be little snow in winter.

November 2. In the people it was believed that from that moment wolves begin to freeze and starve, therefore they are moving closer to people’s dwellings. Therefore, many began to repair fences to protect their homes and families from predators.

  • If on this day to hear the wolf howl, it means that the winter will be harsh.
  • When you see wolves or their tracks, expect hard times in your family. Financial troubles are possible.
  • If in the morning you see trees covered with frost, then next year you will face financial difficulties.

the 3rd of November. From that day, the first swept up. People began to prepare for the onset of frost and the first snowfall.

  • The good weather on November 3 foreshadowed a warm but snowy winter.
  • If it snows, spring will be early and cold.

November 4th. Day of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. In Russia, this holiday was considered female.

They said that the Kazan Mother of God is the patroness of women. Representatives of the weaker sex on November 4 did not do household chores, and the wedding on this day was a good sign and promised a happy and long marriage.

  • Morning rain on November 4 was a harbinger of a quick winter.
  • If it is sunny on Kazan Day, it will soon become colder.

November 5. In the people this day was called the last Autumn. There was a tradition at breakfast to eat at least a spoonful of honey to live happily all year.

  • If snow falls on November 5, the next year will be fruitful.
  • Snow fell — it means that 40 days are left before the onset of winter.

November 6th. From that day women began evening gatherings. They gathered at the house of the eldest, baked pies and pancakes and talked for a long time.

  • If on this day you see many stars in the sky, expect good news soon.

November 7th It was believed that on this day it was customary to commemorate the deceased. They said that even the nature was crying for the dead, so on November 7 they expected rain or snow.

  • If you dreamed of a person who is no longer alive, this means that he reminds you of himself. The next day, mark him and go to his grave.

November 8 — Day of Dmitry Solunsky. Like the 7th, this day commemorated the deceased. People believed that on November 8, the deceased would fly to their graves under the guise of birds, so there should be a memorial treat for them.

  • It is customary to read living relatives, and to commemorate the dead.
  • If the snow fell, it will soon come hard frosts.

November 9. On this day, people who made promises were bound to fulfill them. There was a sign that if a dream had a dream on the night of November 9, it means that it prompts you to promise something.

Therefore, many people from this day refused to drink alcohol, riotous life, give a vow of celibacy or silence. It was believed that if the promise is not fulfilled, the person will be doomed to unhappiness all his life.

10th of November. All day long it is undesirable to criticize, discuss and insult other people, and also to become a participant of gossip. Anyone who violates this rule will be the subject of ridicule.

  • If a child is bathed on November 10th, he will be ill the whole year.

11th of November — the day of Nastasya and Abraham. Saints Anastasia and Abraham were considered the intercessors of sheep and shepherds. Therefore, on this day it was decided to treat the shepherds to live in prosperity for a year.

  • If your pet died on November 11th, then the whole year the family will be ill.

November 12 — a holiday of hunters. On this day, it was considered a good omen to bring prey from the hunt, especially if it is a hare. This meant that the next year would be comfortable for the family.

  • If on November 12 you saw a wolf, soon the cold will come.
  • The one who feeds the birds will be happy and healthy all year.

the 13th of November — Nikodimov day. Rev. Nicodemus is considered the keeper of the hearth. According to legend, during a fire in the monastery, he was able to extinguish him with his clothes.

  • If a fire or a flood happened in your home on that day, then you should think about moving.

November 14 — the day of Kuzma and Demyan. Saints Cosmas and Damian were considered patrons of the hearth. Therefore, on this day it was forbidden to swear with their loved ones.

If this rule is violated, then the whole year in the family there will be quarrels.

  • Leaves on the trees — to a bad year.
  • Frosts on Kuzma and Demyan foreshadow a warm winter.

15th of November — the day of Akindin and Pigasia. In Russia, it was believed that St. Akindin could kindle a fire, and Pigasy — extinguish the Sun. This was due to the fact that the day began to decrease, the nights grew longer, and it dawned very late.

  • If on this day you see a fire, soon the cold will come.
  • Be careful with fire. Burn on Akindin and Pigassia — doom your family for long illnesses.

November 16 — the day of Anna Cold. Anna Vsevolodovna was the daughter of a Kiev prince. One day she was going to get married, but the wedding eventually did not take place.

After that, the maiden went to the monastery forever, where she spent her whole life. On this day, the weather was closely watched: it was often November 16 that strong cold snaps began.

  • Anna did not bring snow, so the year will not be fruitful.
  • If it is cold on Anna’s day, there will often be severe frosts.

November 17th It is advisable not to leave the house, so as not to incur trouble. It is believed that on this day the streets of evil walks and looking for his victim.

To save your house and its inhabitants from misfortunes, you need to do a general cleaning and get rid of old things, and with them — from negative energy.

November 18th. On this day, unmarried girls attracted grooms. To do this, they scattered coins around the house or hung hand-made ornaments on the walls.

  • The snowfall in the morning foreshadows a warm and snowy winter.
  • If on November 18 you met a man of the opposite sex, it means that fate sent you as the future spouse.

November 19 — the day of ice quest. It is believed that from this day on the river ice shackles, and winter is approaching faster and faster.

  • If the snow falls on November 19, and the winter will be snowy.
  • The calm and clear weather on this day foreshadows a frosty winter.

20 November — Fedotov day. From that day, the women began to visit each other, where they spun and talked, and also turned to the patron of needlework, Fedot, and asked him to help them in their work.

  • If from that day the rivers froze, the ice will lie until next year.
  • Seeing this day a crow that hides a beak under the wing, expect strong frosts.

November 21 — Mikhailov day. Saint Michael is considered the patron saint of Russian warriors, whom the evil spirits fear. From that day began to mark the completion of the fall and work related to agriculture.

  • On Mikhailov, visit yourself on a visit and invite yourself to live the whole next year.
  • If sleet has gone, then spring will be rainy.
  • If on this day the weather is clear, the winter will be warm.

November 22 — the day of the Winter Matrix. It was believed that winter came from that day, so people were waiting for snow that day and were ready for the cold.

  • Matryna came, brought the cold.
  • If the trees are covered with frost on November 22, the frost will come soon.

November 23 If you see fog this day, it will soon get warmer, and heavy snowfall, on the contrary, foreshadows a strong cooling.

November 24th A cold snap on this day foreshadows the onset of a quick and long winter. Usually it became very cold from that day, and the approaching frosts were already making themselves felt.

November 25. In Russia, it was believed that if snow falls on this day, it will melt until spring, and if the weather is clear, then winter will come late and last a long time.

November 26th From that day they finally began to say goodbye to the fall and were preparing for winter. It was decided to cook dumplings from flour obtained from a fresh crop.

If on this day you are called to visit and treat you to this dish, the next year will be successful for you.

November 27 — Filippov day. On this day they honor Saint Philip, who, thanks to his wonderful gift, was able to resurrect a dead baby. So that the children did not get sick, in the morning they were washed with spring water and thus all the ailments were removed from the child.

  • If Filippovka is cold and snowy, it means that in May we will expect frequent rains and thunderstorms.

November 28. The beginning of the Advent. The people called this day Filippov fasting, as it began immediately after Filippov’s day.

People sharply limited themselves to food of animal origin, thereby purifying their soul and body.

  • On the first day of Advent it is customary to serve the poor. It is believed that this way you can get rid of misfortunes and diseases.
  • If snow falls on Filippovsky’s post, he will lie until late spring.

29th of November. Despite the post, on this day it was customary to invite guests and set a rich table with lenten dishes. If on this day you were called home for a meal, it means that soon your life will change for the better.

November 30th — Pre-dime. Long since people met winter cheerfully, arranged a real holiday, which especially pleased children. They were having fun, playing snowballs, riding in the snow and rejoicing at the onset of the coldest, but unusually beautiful season of the year.

  • The frosty predzimye — to a long winter, and the snow on November 30 foreshadows a strong blizzard.

Most will accept the heritage of our ancestors. Some people continue to believe in them, and someone believes that the premonitions that came to us from the depth of ages are no longer relevant. Currently, there are many modern signs that have emerged quite recently, but are already proven. We wish you happiness and good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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