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Folk omens for July

Folk omens for July

July has always been considered the hottest month. Our observant ancestors bit by bit collected information that prompted them for the weather and helped to avoid traps in the course of life.

Our ancestors knew signs almost every July day. This wisdom was handed down from generation to generation, refined and overgrown with new details. Earlier signs used to live in harmony with nature and competent harvesting, medicinal herbs, berries and mushrooms.

July signs

  • Long and resounding thunder in July promises bad weather, and short peals — clear and warm weather.
  • If in July, a rich harvest of sorrel, then a warm winter is expected.
  • Moisture gathering on the bottom of the sheet foreshadows a quick rain.
  • Good weather promises fog, creeping along the water in the morning.
  • If the rainbow extends from the north to the south and is dominated by bright colors, you can prepare for the deterioration of the weather.
  • Early mowing of bread promises a small crop.
  • Drizzling and intermittent rain in the morning foreshadows good weather.
  • Puddles of greenish color promise a long dry period.
  • July 1 you will wash your face with dew since morning — you will keep your sharp eyesight for many years.
  • July 2, the bees are angry at drought, they fly to the beehive before the rain, they sit on the walls before the heat.

  • July 3, the rain will pass — for 40 days may remain. Echo can not be heard — to inclement weather.
  • On July 4, the spider cobwebs the heat, if frogs scream, wait for the rain.
  • On July 5, mosquitoes swarm to heat, and rain foreshadows a good harvest of bread.
  • On July 6, before dawn, you can tear down Ivan-da-Marieu — you will save yourself from envious and detractors.
  • July 7, the abundance of dew indicates a good harvest of cucumbers, the starry sky promises a rich harvest of mushrooms.
  • July 8, rain to good honey and the next fine days.
  • July 9, the rain for the rest of the summer was determined by rain. Rainy weather promised a wet summer.
  • July 10 watched the mown hay. If the grass retained its color, then expect a rich crop of buckwheat.
  • July 11 cuckoo stops kukovat — to an early and harsh winter.
  • July 12, three rains promise a rich harvest.
  • July 13, yellow clouds — to the rain, white — to the wind.

  • July 14, bright stars foretell a thunderstorm, and watered garden will not allow weeds to sprout in the beds.
  • July 15, the weather predicted weather conditions for the next month. The abundance of yellow foliage in the trees and bushes promised early autumn and early winter.
  • If on July 16 the midges wind around in circles, then it will be warm for another week.
  • July 17, the month changes color — to a good harvest of grain crops.
  • July 18 is a clear month to warm, dry weather.
  • On July 19, you will go through the dew in the morning — you will collect your health, in the evening you will go — you will leave adversity.
  • July 20, rain — to rainy and prolonged wet weather.
  • July 21, blueberry leaves were harvested for the treatment of various ailments.
  • July 22 abundance of blueberries promises a frosty winter.
  • July 23 thunder rumbles — to a good bite and a rich catch.
  • July 24, clear weather — to a good hunt and plenty of game in the forest.
  • July 25 abundant dew and fog foreshadow good weather.
  • July 26, dry weather speaks of a warm autumn without lingering rains.

  • July 27, birds gather in flocks — to early autumn.
  • July 28 loud singing of birds promises a bountiful harvest of mushrooms and nuts.
  • July 29, a lot of fog — a lot of mushrooms, carrots drooping — wait for the rain.
  • July 30, the weather is the same as in early August.
  • July 31 did not go to the forest to harvest — you will live all winter without blanks.

Popular wisdom and accumulated knowledge should be passed on to future generations. Live according to the laws of nature to achieve success in your affairs. We wish you good luck, nice summer days, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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